Other mistake: The Cutler's now occupy cabin B at the Rainbow Cabins and just before we see George Loomis by the garbage cans in the back of the cabin Polly decides to take a nap. When she gets up from the bed to close the Venetian blinds we see the pillow case and it's white, but two shots later after the blinds are closed she lays down again and the pillow case has a huge dark make up stain on it from several previous takes. (00:46:20)


Other mistake: In Canada the Cutlers take the Scenic Tunnel tour, and if you look closely the cash register keeps ringing up zero as they and the people in front of them purchase tickets. (00:12:20)


Other mistake: The first time we see George Loomis back at the Rainbow Cabins after his supposed death he's by the garbage cans in the back of cabin B with a brick wall on the left. The next time we see him two shots later the film has been reversed with the brick wall now being on the right. (00:46:45)


Continuity mistake: At the Scenic Tunnel Marilyn's lover writes a message to her on a postcard and places it back into the rack. She walks over and reads it but it isn't in the same place that he put it as the postcard next to it is different. (00:33:55)

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George Loomis: I loved you, Rose. You know that.

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