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Shane picture

Other mistake: During the final shootout in the saloon, young Joey yells, "Shane, look out!" Alan Ladd whirls around and his gun goes off. But the gun isn't pointed anywhere near the bad guy who is standing on the second floor balcony. Shane more than likely shot the furnace that was off to the right. Yet, the bad guy still manages to do a face plant on the barroom floor.


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The Cruel Sea picture

Other mistake: Just after the Royal Navy destroyer has sailed through and depth charged the area where the British survivors are, there is a shot of the churned up sea with sombre music playing, and the seagulls are flying backwards.

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Knights of the Round Table picture

Other mistake: When King Arthur confronts Mordred in the Abbey ruins on the cliff tops, you can see two fighter jet planes flying up the coastline behind him.

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King of the Khyber Rifles picture

Other mistake: In one scene Tyrone Power and his men survey a village where all the inhabitants have been killed by rebels. A dead boy is on a table and as the camera pans back he is wriggling his toes.

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The War of the Worlds picture

Other mistake: In the War Room, the Martians' movements are demonstrated on a chalkboard, but push pins easily go into it a moment later as if it were cardboard or sheet rock.

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Ant Pasted picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, Manuel Perez's first name is misspelled as "Manual."

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Stalag 17 picture

Other mistake: When Hoffy goes to blow out the single candle used to light the room, there's an extra second of light before it gets dark. Also, there's too much light to be explained by one candle, and no electric lights (The Germans would have cut the lights off from outside).

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Niagara picture

Other mistake: The first time we see George Loomis back at the Rainbow Cabins after his supposed death he's by the garbage cans in the back of cabin B with a brick wall on the left. The next time we see him two shots later the film has been reversed with the brick wall now being on the right. (00:46:45)


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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes picture

Other mistake: During Dorothy's and the detective's date, they are outside while the boat is moving, yet there is no wind blowing around. Since the ship is moving there should be wing blowing past the two.


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Houdini picture

Other mistake: Bess objects to Harry recreating Von Schweger's water torture cell escape because "it killed him." There are good reasons for Bess to object, but this isn't one of them: as Bess and Harry both know, Von Schweger survived, lived a long life, and died of natural causes.

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How to Marry a Millionaire picture

Other mistake: When Tom calls Schatze the first time and mentions seeing her ads in magazines, in the following shots while Schatze's on the phone and particularly while she's talking to Pola, we see the milk carton on the table which has tape all the way around it covering its brand name on both sides. (00:19:35)

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