The War of the Worlds

Other mistake: In the War Room, the Martians' movements are demonstrated on a chalkboard, but push pins easily go into it a moment later as if it were cardboard or sheet rock.

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Other mistake: In the farmhouse, when Sylvia looks out and sees movement, she claims it was too dark to see. However, the Martian was lit up enough to be seen from a distance, and details on it were seen.

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Other mistake: When the people in the bunker are watching the Reverend walking, there is a distinct meshing of two separate scenes.

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Other mistake: When the Martians first land on earth, the ship is so hot, it starts fires in the surrounding area, and can't be approached for hours later. Yet later, when another ship crashes directly into the farmhouse, there are no fires, and the farmhouse certainly doesn't catch fire.

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