The War of the Worlds

Character mistake: On several occasions, scientist (Clayton Forrester) refers to the impacting objects as "meteors". Any scientist knows (or should), that when a meteor impacts the the ground, it becomes a "meteorite".

Character mistake: During the first big battle between the Martians & the U.S. Army, the Martians use their heat ray to vaporise people and equipment. Dr. Forrester, a physicist, then quickly speculates, "It neutralises mesons somehow. They're the atomic glue holding matter together. Cut across their magnetic lines of force and any object will simply cease to exist." During the '50s mesons were theorised to hold atomic nuclei together strongly. But if the Martian rays worked as the Dr. guessed, then objects wouldn't just vaporise. They'd explode with the ferocity of nuclear weapons.

Continuity mistake: When the school bus is leaving Pacific Tech, the name "Southridge" is painted directly on the front of the bus. When Dr. Forrester finds the wrecked vehicles in the city later in the film, the name "Southridge" is now painted on a separate wooden sign that he picks up.

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Forrester: If they're mortal, they must have mortal weaknesses. They'll be stopped, somehow.

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Trivia: The Flying Wing used to drop the atomic bomb on the Martians was the YB-49, an experimental bomber discontinued in 1950, three years before this movie was made. By the time the movie came out all YB-49s had been scrapped.

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