Best movie character mistakes of 1953

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The War of the Worlds picture

Character mistake: On several occasions, scientist (Clayton Forrester) refers to the impacting objects as "meteors". Any scientist knows (or should), that when a meteor impacts the the ground, it becomes a "meteorite".

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Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century picture

Character mistake: On the sign outside Dr I.Q. Hi's headquarters, the word "Stratosphere" is spelled "Stratopere."

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Life with Tom picture

Character mistake: When Tom opens the "Life with Tom" book to Page VII, we see the page and there is a typing error in the very first line. The word wasn't is misspelled as "was'nt."

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Loose Loot picture

Character mistake: The hand bill identifies the company as Slipp-Skipp and Tripp. The sign on the door says Slipp, Tripp and Skipp.

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