Factual error: Marilyn and the Cutler's follow Inspector Starkey down to the bottom of The Scenic Tunnel Trip to identify George's shoes and when they come up Marilyn hears the song "Kiss" chiming from the bell tower. This is an obvious mistake as the shot of the bell tower that we see here is taken from the American side of the falls and The Scenic Tunnel Trip is on the Canadian side of the falls. (00:39:55)


Factual error: The Rainbow Cabins are on the Canadian side of the falls and when Ray Cutler looks over at the shredded wheat plant he should be looking at the American side. But the error here is that they show the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station which is also on the Canadian side of the falls. (00:06:50)


Factual error: Joseph Cotton spends the second half of the movie trying to get out of Canada, but in the scene at The Cave of the Winds with Jean Peters, he must have forgotten that he was already on the American side of the falls. (00:54:00)


Continuity mistake: At the Scenic Tunnel Marilyn's lover writes a message to her on a postcard and places it back into the rack. She walks over and reads it but it isn't in the same place that he put it as the postcard next to it is different. (00:33:55)


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George Loomis: You smell like a dime store. I know what that means.
Rose Loomis: Sure. I'm meeting somebody, just anybody handy, as long as he's a man! How 'bout the ticket seller himself? I could grab him on the way out, or one of the kids with the phonograph. Anybody suits me. Take your pick.

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