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Continuity mistake: When George Loomis comes back to the cabins, after the lover tried to kill him at the falls, he wears the lovers shoes. But after he walks on the grass, just before the end of the shot, the top of the shoes is not white anymore as if he was wearing his own shoes.



Continuity mistake: Inspector Starkey gets into the police car before Ray Cutler, who sits in the rear driver side seat as they pull away. Several shots later we see them again in a close-up chasing George Loomis and their positions in the rear of the police car have reversed.



Continuity mistake: When the Canadian motorcycle police drive up and speak to the boat keeper about George Loomis they're all in direct sunlight with no trees anywhere near them. When they leave several shots later it must be an entirely different time of day because shade from the trees across the street covers the entire set.



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