Revealing mistake: During the outdoor party at the Rainbow Cabins Marilyn asks the DJ to play "Kiss" in order to drive her husband George nuts, and after a couple of minutes he comes out and smashes the record. As he walks back to cabin B it's obvious this is a set as there's nothing inside the room except a blank wall. (00:20:15)


Revealing mistake: As Marilyn walks out during the outdoor party at the Rainbow Cabins, we see an artificial painted backdrop of Niagara Falls behind her that is nowhere near the actual falls that we saw earlier in the movie. (00:17:20)


Continuity mistake: Inspector Starkey gets into the police car before Ray Cutler, who sits in the rear driver side seat as they pull away. Several shots later we see them again in a close-up chasing George Loomis and their positions in the rear of the police car have reversed. (01:20:50)


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