Niagara (1953)

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Continuity mistake: As the Cutlers drive over the bridge into Canada the officer directing traffic is standing on the median. In the next shot he's in the middle of the road. (00:05:05)


Continuity mistake: When the Cutlers drive up to the customs officer you can see the luggage behind them in the backseat. A few shots later as they're leaving the customs booth the luggage is not there. (00:05:10)


Continuity mistake: As the Cutlers drive up to the Rainbow Cabins, before they speak to the manager the pages on the clipboard hanging next to the door are sticking out. Two shots later without anyone going near it, the clipboard has been moved as the pages are now flush with it. (00:06:25)


Visible crew/equipment: In the close-up of the Cutlers as they drive away from the customs booth an equipment shadow appears on the right side of the hood of their car. (00:05:55)


Visible crew/equipment: The scene when Jean Peters jumps onto the little island is very well lit. You can see the reflections of 10 or 15 spotlights on her. (01:25:40)


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