Niagara (1953)

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Continuity mistake: Mr. Qua and the rocking chair that he's sitting in as the Cutlers pull up, are in the shade. Now a few minutes later, Marilyn walks past Polly as she leaves the cabins, and the rocking chair is in direct sunlight.



Continuity mistake: As the Cutlers set sail on the "Maid of The Mist" it's mid-day. Two shots later we see the boat in a long shot and it's late afternoon.



Continuity mistake: Marilyn walks past the office as she leaves the cabins, and the blinds on the window are down. No one was in the office, but several shots earlier, as the Cutlers drove in, the blinds were up.



Continuity mistake: When the Cutlers drove into the Rainbow Cabins, the manager threw the newspaper he was reading onto his rocking chair. No one goes near it but when we see the chair again, as he speaks to Marilyn, the newspaper is not there.



Continuity mistake: After the Cutlers leave the customs officer, Polly says to Ray, "Delayed or not" and the bottom half of her face has a shadow falling across it. In the next shot it's gone.



Factual error: Joseph Cotton spends the second half of the movie trying to get out of Canada, but in the scene at The Cave of the Winds with Jean Peters, he must have forgotten that he was already on the American side of the falls.



Deliberate mistake: Jean Peters' face is dry on the Maid of the Mist boat ride.



Continuity mistake: Sunlight is coming into this room from all directions. At first it is coming from the right of the screen. Then when Denis O'Dea goes into the kitchen (screen left), sunlight is coming from the other direction.



Continuity mistake: Marilyn sleeps in her hospital bed as the song "Kiss" plays from the bell tower. At first she's sleeping on her back then in the next shot she's on her side.



Continuity mistake: George Loomis chases Polly at the Cave Of The Winds and she almost gets killed braking apart the wooden rail as she runs into it. The part of the railing hanging on the left changes position between shots.



Continuity mistake: At the Rainbow Cabins, Mrs. Kettering hands Polly Cutler a bouquet of roses and the pink bow is on the left. In the next shot the bow is rotated 45 degrees to the right and is now facing Mrs. Kettering.



Continuity mistake: Marilyn's lover writes a one line message to her on a postcard and places it back into the postcard rack. She walks over and reads it and we now see that there are 6 lines written on the back of the card.



Continuity mistake: In bed in their room Marilyn says, "Get me some orange juice Georgie" as she lays in bed on her side. In the next shot she's lying on her back.



Continuity mistake: At the Rainbow Cabins, Polly Cutler lays out on a beach chair sunning herself as Ray comes out to talk to her. There's a second chair about 10 feet to her right but the in the next shot it moves right up next to her.



Continuity mistake: Ray Cutler runs out of the cabin office and says to Polly, "How do you like that?". In the overhead shot you can see tire marks on the gravel driveway but in the next shot there are none.



Revealing mistake: During the outdoor party at the Rainbow Cabins Marilyn asks the DJ to play "Kiss" in order to drive her husband George nuts, and after a couple of minutes he comes out and smashes the record. As he walks back to cabin B it's obvious this is a set as there's nothing inside the room except a blank wall.



Continuity mistake: After George Loomis shuts the lights Polly Cutler looks to the left at the falls in the dark, through the back window. This is the wrong direction as we see later in the movie as Marilyn has to look to the right to see the falls during the day.

00:23:15 - 00:36:15


Continuity mistake: The Cutlers take the Scenic Tunnel Tour and the attendant on the left is handing a gentleman a pair of boots. In the next shot he's standing around getting ready to laugh.



Visible crew/equipment: After the manager helps Polly out of the car she says, "Cabin B is ours?" and you can see the shadow of the crew moving on the dashboard of the car.



Continuity mistake: In the first scene of the movie we see Marilyn in bed with a cup and saucer on the edge of the night stand. She doesn't touch it but as George walks in the room the cup moves about six inches back from the edge of the night stand.



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