Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Other mistake: While downstairs Vernon hears Hedwig's squawks, as well as Dobby and Harry's exchange in the bedroom upstairs, distracting enough for them all, including the Masons, to take note. The noise upstairs illicits a reaction from everyone, which Vernon explains is a noisy cat. Yet when Harry very noisily chases Dobby down the steps, Dobby slams into the wall and Harry lands with a loud thud (not remotely 'catlike'), Vernon, who stands on the other side of the shared wall, pleasantly continues his story to his rapt guests, who are also not distracted by the noise. To suggest that such loud noises coming from the hallway right beside them would not draw any reaction from anyone, Vernon and the Masons included, is preposterous. (00:06:45)

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Other mistake: In the ending credits, the character of Hannah Abbott is listed as "Hannah Hufflepuff."

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Other mistake: When Fawkes carries Lockhart, Ron, Harry, and Ginny out of the Chamber, you can see their shadows on the rocks. Fawkes' shadow is also visible, but his flapping wings aren't seen.

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Other mistake: In the beginning of the movie, when Dobby is hitting himself with the lamp, you can clearly see that the first swing stays a few inches from his head, but he still grunts and shakes his head in pain. (00:05:20)

Other mistake: Dutch DVD Only: After their crashlanding at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron are taken to Snape who tells them the Willow has been standing there "since before they were born". The Dutch translation reads "over a thousand years". It's a minor mistake on itself, but in Book 3 we learn how long the Willow has really been standing there and that's nowhere near "over a thousand years".

Other mistake: This is especially apparent when Harry and company are flying out of the Chamber, but can be seen throughout the movie: when the characters are hanging, their feet are still flat and stiff, as if they are still standing, instead of straightened, as if they are hanging in the air. (02:17:45)

Other mistake: When Tom said that he set Hagrid up Harry said that Hagrid is his friend. In Icelandic subtitles it is translated that Harry is his friend.

Other mistake: From the direction the light comes from the Chamber, Harry would not have been able to see the shadow of Fawkes blinding the basilisk. (02:10:20)

Other mistake: Near the end of the film, when Harry is leaning on the sink about to change into Goyle, we see his reflection in the mirror. In the reflection, it shows his face is starting to change and his skin is bubbling up, but his actual face (which we see part of in front of the mirror) is not changing at all. (01:20:40)

Other mistake: When Harry and Ron find out Lockhart is a fraud, when Lockhart says: "My boy do you use your common sense? My books wouldn't have sold half as well if people didn't think I'd done all those things". Watch Harry, he's mouthing his lines. (01:56:00)

Other mistake: When the car crashes in the Whomping Willow, it is turned and moved around a couple of times. Meanwhile, Hedwig is sitting on her perch, not moving at all. (00:26:45)


Other mistake: When Harry is talking to Dobby in his bedroom on Privet Drive, Dobby begins banging his head against the dresser to punish himself. If you look closely, you can see that there is a slight delay between the time that Dobby's computer-animated head appears to hit the dresser, the time you hear the thump, and the time when the drawer moves and the dresser shudders. (00:04:10)

Other mistake: Dutch DVD Only: After the duel Harry tells he told the snake to keep away from Justin. In the subtitles, Justin's name appears untranslated. Later when Justin falls prey to the Basilisk he is called by name again but this time his name is translated to Dutch in the subtitles, namely "Joost".

Other mistake: Harry now has Dudley's toy room and Dudley's is next to his, however when there is a shot outside the house there is only the one window on the left side of the house and not much space between it and the left outside wall, where is the window for Dudley's very narrow room? (00:09:00)

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Suggested correction: The room is visible to the viewers right of Harry's window. As Harry's door is directly opposite the window and Dudley's room is to the left as Vernon is opening Harry's locks it can only be Dudley's room above the conservatory.

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Other mistake: Just before Hermione gives Harry and Ron the two drugged cakes for Crabbe and Goyle in the food hall, snow is falling and to a fairly low level. In spite of this, and it being a continuous shot, as the camera lowers down, the snow ceases, but right at the end of the shot, the camera view raises up a significant amount where we should be able to see the falling snow again, but someone wanted to save pennies on the VFX budget, because the snow has gone.


Other mistake: When Hermione is running around the Quidditch field to blow up the bludger, she makes it around the massive Quidditch field in seven seconds flat.

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Visible crew/equipment: Rushing to make Hogwarts Express at the train station, the shot opens as the camera pans Ginny's trunk and two marks come into view. While Ginny and Mr. Weasley push her trolley, Mr. Weasley is cued and begins to say, "10:58, come on, come on!" just as the actor hits his tape mark on the ground below, while Percy's trolley hits its tape mark, so Harry is visible behind him, and cues Mr. Weasley to continue speaking. In the shot when Mrs. Weasley says, "Okay" for Ginny to go and in the shot as Harry says, "Let's go," their marks are gone. (Visible on DVD fullscreen.) (00:22:15)

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Uncle Vernon: And Dudley, you will be?
Dudley Dursley: I'll be waiting to open the door.
Uncle Vernon: Excellent. And you?
Harry: I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don't exist.

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Question: At the end of the Chamber of Secrets, Harry gives Lucius Malfoy the diary, showing him that he knows it was him. In the Half Blood Prince we see Dumbledore at his desk mulling over Tom Riddle's destroyed diary - is this an error, or have I missed something? Was it not given back to Malfoy at the end of Chamber of Secrets?


Chosen answer: After Harry hands it to Lucius, Lucius hands it to Dobby to carry. After Dobby is freed by the hidden sock and protects Harry from Lucius, Lucius leaves it behind.

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