Continuity mistake: Dumbledore tells Harry at the end that Lord Voldemort is the last remaining ancestor of Salazar Slytherin. But ancestors are in the past - he means Voldemort is the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Not a mistake Dumbledore would have made. (Corrected in later printings.)

Continuity mistake: In the back of the paperback edition, there is a preview of book three, where it says Harry blows up his Aunt Petunia. It should say his Aunt Marge.

Continuity mistake: After Harry, Ron, Fred, and George arrive at the Burrow after getting Harry, Mrs. Weasley shouts at Fred first. "You will not," snapped Mrs. Weasley. Then she says "And you two," glaring at Ron and Fred. It should say George, for she has already yelled at Fred.

Continuity mistake: In the second book Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Nearly Headless Nick's 500th deathday party. However, in the first book at the start of term feast he says he has not eaten for nearly 400 years, which would imply that this is how long he has been dead. (Corrected to 500 years in newer editions.)

Continuity mistake: At Nick's 500th deathday, which occurs on 31 October (clearly stated in the book), it says that he died in 1492. Therefore, the book takes place in 1992, and since Harry is currently 12 years old, he was born in 1980. Yet in the first book, Harry mentions that his 11th birthday was July 31st, on a Tuesday. That date was on a Wednesday in 1991, when he's supposed to have been born.

Continuity mistake: In the chapter 'Mudbloods and Murmurs', when Harry and Hermione take Ron to see Hagrid, he offers them some treacle fudge. It later says that Harry is eating treacle toffee and then it changes back to being treacle fudge again.

Continuity mistake: In the chapter 'The Rogue Bludger', Harry breaks his arm in the quidditch match against Slytherin (and then Lockhart debones it). During the night in the hospital wing Dumbledore and McGonagall bring up Colin Creevey who has been petrified. Dumbledore claims "Minerva found him on the stairs" but further down McGonagall says to Madam Pomfrey "but I shudder to think...if Albus hadn't been on the way downstairs for hot chocolate, who knows what might have...", implying that Dumbledore actually found him.

Continuity mistake: In the chapter "Aragog", at the end of the herbology lesson it said Professor Snape escorted the class to the next lesson (DATDA), however, why is Snape at the lesson for the entire duration? it should be Professor Sprout escorting them to the next lesson.

Other mistake: In the chapter "Dobby's Reward" on p. 246 Lucius says to Dumbledore "you're come back." It should say "you've."

Question: HRH thought it was suspicious that Draco wanted to stay at Hogwarts during the Christmas break. As they learned, he wasn't committing the attacks against Muggle-borns after all, so is there some other reason why he stayed?

Answer: There would be a reason he stayed, though it's never known what it is. It's usual for a certain number of students to stay at Hogwarts during the Christmas break. In Draco's case, it is likely his parents were traveling or had other business to attend to and Draco either didn't want to go with them, or else his mother and father preferred he not come. Draco's father may also have asked his son to stay over to keep an eye on Harry's activities, although he never told Draco what was going on.

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