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Continuity mistake: When Cliff and Torrance are brushing their teeth, Torrance's hair goes from being in a bun, and then when the camera moves there is a section of hair that has fallen out. When the camera returns to her front, her hair is perfect again. This happens more than once.

Continuity mistake: When the Clovers have finished their routine in the finals (while they're in their final position). In one shot they look white, instead of black, really weird, but check it out.

Revealing mistake: When Sparky teaches them the routine, he gets mad, picks up a stool, and smashes it on the floor. You can see (at the bottom of the screen) the top fly off the stool before it touches the ground, which shows that it wasn't glued or screwed together in the first place.

Continuity mistake: When the Toros get ready to perform at the Nationals, they show Torrance's family in the audience. When they show her family, Torrance's little brother has a cup in his hand. But when they show the brother's "cheerleading is death" shirt, the cup is gone.

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when Torrance and Missy are talking, Torrance has the Spirit Stick in her right hand, she then tosses it to her left hand but it keeps going. It does not land in her left hand. It looks like she just throws it to the side.

Continuity mistake: When Aaron is driving Torrance to school, you can see she isn't wearing a bra. However, when she is in the changing room with the squad, she takes off her top, revealing a strapless bra.

Continuity mistake: At the final competition for the Clovers, when they do the full basket toss (twist), in the background the toss was thrown about 3 times until you actually see it.

Continuity mistake: About 15 seconds from the end of the Toros Regionals Routine, the male cheerleader to the behind left of Torrance drops his head to the side, and then drops it again. (00:57:17)

Factual error: When Torrance and Missy are driving to see the Clovers, they appear to be driving on the freeway which means they would have to be driving pretty fast. However, the locks are up the entire time, and any Beetle owner should know that the car automatically locks the doors at 10 MPH.

Factual error: In the finals of the Nationals the top three teams are The Clovers, The Toros and the New Pope Cheerleaders. Although in a real national Championship, the New Pope girls would be in a small high school division, while the Toros and Clovers would be in a large co-ed division.

Factual error: When Torrance and Missy are getting onto the 15 north to go to Compton they would have gotten onto the 5 north from Oceanside. The 15 is at least 20 miles east of Oceanside whereas the 5 goes right through Oceanside.

Continuity mistake: Just before the Clovers go on stage for the final competition, they are in a huddle, and the team captain's hair is in a ponytail, which is tightly curled to her head. As they run out on stage, her hair is in a ponytail, but is in loose long ringlets.

Continuity mistake: When the Clovers confront Missy and Torrance about Big Red's camera, the Clover's captain's hair keeps changing. In one shot it's behind her shoulders, in the next its in front of her shoulders. It does this again when the Clovers are writing to Pauletta.

Factual error: When Missy and Torrance are in the car and Torrance begins to flashback about the Spirit Stick, there is a huge sign in the background to show that they are at a UCA camp, but the Spirit Stick is a Spirit Stick from an NCA camp. Not a big deal to some, but all cheerleaders know that UCA Spirit Sticks are blue and white with rubber tips and NCA's are just red, blue, and white wooden sticks.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Aaron turns up in his car, Torrance's mum and dad are standing in the driveway at the back of their car. In the shot before Torrance runs out, and the next two shots the dads stance changes in each shot and the mum goes from holding the brief case in two hands to one hand.

Continuity mistake: One of the male cheerleaders is in the back of the car with the newest member of the squad with his arm behind her head. Then there's a quick edit and his arm is suddenly at his side mid-sentence.

Football Announcer: Our next defeat is scheduled for next Friday, 8 o'clock.

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Question: What is the age difference between Missy and her brother Cliff?

Answer: I believe that Missy is a Junior (16-17) and Cliff is a Senior (17-18).


Answer: No, the TV interviewer calls her a senior. They're the same age.

Brian Katcher

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