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Corrected entry: The music the Toros use during their routine at the Finals against the Clovers is actually sped up and strung together versions of most of the songs heard previously in the film, including Blaque's theme, "As If," and Cliff's love song to Torrance.

Correction: Something this obvious cannot be considered trivia, even a casual viewer will spot the musical similarities.


Corrected entry: At tryouts, Torrance says Nationals are February 10th, but the ceremonial check presented at Nationals says "February 11th, 2000" (00:13:00 - 01:28:55)


Correction: Nationals are held over two days - semi finals on February 10th, and the finals the next day, so it makes sense that the check is dated February 11th.

Corrected entry: While they are showing the overview of the preliminaries at nationals, it shows the Toros doing the move where the cheerleader does a frontflip and is caught by some other cheerleaders. But in the finals of the nationals, it is actually the Clovers that perform this move.

Correction: Watch the routine very, very closely and both teams do it - It's one of the background stunts in the Toros routine.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cliff is playing his guitar and Torrance is watching him, it is really obvious that he isn't actually playing the guitar, because more than once he falls over and stops "playing", yet the guitar music keeps going while he is stopped.

Correction: He is actually not suppose to be playing for real. He is "air guitaring"(with a real guitar) to a tape of his. You can see him put the tape in before he get the guitar.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene of the movie, the number of female cheerleaders changes several times. You have to watch very carefully as the scene moves quite quickly.

Correction: It is a dream and not reality, so anything could happen in a dream.

Corrected entry: When they are at the football game and the cheerleaders from the other team come up and do their little cheer to the Toros, they say, "You suck." But on the part where they lift up their skirts the subtitles say, "You Scum."

Correction: Not a movie mistake. Wrong subtitles aren't done at the same time as the movie.

Corrected entry: During Missy's Cheerleading Audition, when she attempts to do her first cartwheel act, she first takes out the notebook with the keychains all dangling. When she leaves, there is only a notebook, no chains, no keys.

Correction: For one, the thing hanging on the keychain is not a notebook, it's a wallet purse type thing, and the keys were hidden behind the wallet, they didn't disappear.

Corrected entry: We're told at the finals that there are 50 teams, one from every state regional final. But apart from the Clovers (the regional champions) and the Toros (who get a bye for being defending champions), we also see a team with white and blue uniforms with the word SAINTS written on the front in yellow letters competing in both the regionals and the nationals.


Correction: Actually the announcer says there are 50 teams from across the nation. This doesn't necessarily mean one from each state. Therefore, California could have had 3 or even more squads, while other states had none at the finals.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the MC's are announcing the wining squads they say that the five finalist teams are presented at the end today, yet on the floor there are only four teams, the Toros, the Clovers, the Cavilers, and another team, but no fifth team.

Correction: There are two teams between the Toros and the East Compton team, the uniforms are different colors. It's hard to see, because they stand so closely together.

Timothy Magnus

Corrected entry: When the preliminaries are shown there are different clips of many squads at different points in their routines, and one time a Toro girl is thrown in the air over two people, does a flip in the air and is caught, but when they show the entire routine the next day at the finals there is nothing closely resembling this move during the entirety of the routine.

Correction: It is not unusual in exhibition sports like these (ice skating is another) to practice a routine's very hard moves and then decide not to include them during the actual competition.


Corrected entry: In cheerleading, you're supposed to make 'bring it on' type faces, but the judges do give you major points off if you don't smile at all - and the Clovers don't. Their routine is great, but if they didn't smile, I highly doubt they would have even made it to regionals.

Correction: The Clovers are smiling during their routine.

Corrected entry: When Torrance and her brother are having an argument about Aaron being gay she pulls the controller out of the PlayStation. Then there is a shot of the PlayStation and you can see that the lid is open and the game is still running. PlayStation games do not run if the lid is open.

Correction: Playstation games will contiue to run while the lid is open, some go to a pause screen while others run slowly.

Corrected entry: When the team hires Sparky to teach them a routine, he brings a boom box, which he uses to play the music. During one scene, he gets angry at them and slams a stool against a rail. When he does this, the music stops, even though he hasn't touched the boom box.

Correction: The boom box stops because of the vibration from the stool hitting the rail, this happens in my gym when something hits the floor.

Corrected entry: During Missy's first football game, the other team's cheerleaders do a cheer and tell them that they suck. In response, the Toro's do their "That's all right, that's OK, you're going to pump our gas someday" routine back at them. I highly doubt this is a routine rehearsed during practice, but Missy appears to know it very well. (00:34:15)

Correction: They very well could rehearse it at practice.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Missy wets her finger to prove that the tattoo is fake, it shows that she only wipes away the bottom half of the tattoo. However, in the very next scene where Torrence goes to Missy's house begging her to join, the tattoo on Missy's arm looks like she erased the top half as well as the bottom half.

Correction: She could have wiped off more of it when she got home...that is possible.

Corrected entry: Given that Carver was used in pyramids and stunts (as established by the scene where she was injured), it makes no sense that males were allowed to even try out for her spot. Male cheerleaders are not used in pyramids (except as bases), and therefore only a female could effectively replace her on the squad.

Correction: It would be possible to put the male as a base in another spot and then move a female base into Carver's flying positions.


Corrected entry: During the finals at the end, you may notice that the short cheerleader from the Clovers team, has a look-a-like on the Torros' team. It is not the same girl, they are different girls, played by twin sisters. It is very unlikely that twins would or could attend different high schools.

Correction: It actually is very possible that siblings could attend different schools. Also the girls are playing characters in a movie and in the movie the characters may not be related. So how is this a mistake. There are lots of people who look alike.

Corrected entry: At the regionals when the girl called Casey claims that they stole the Toros' routine the shot changes to show the way that the other squad starting their routine. They start like the Toros start their first routine. But when the Toros start their routine they are all in little bits and pieces and there is a little round pyramid at the back. It isn't the same routine, so the other squad haven't really stolen it.

Correction: Throughout the film, it's made clear that Casey isn't very smart, so it's understandable that she wouldn't notice the differences between the two routines. As for the small differences, Sparky illegally sold the same routine to five teams, and it's not surprising that he would vary them a bit in an attempt to stay out of trouble.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kirsten is in the living room trying to call her boyfriend, her brother is shown playing a playstation. When she gets mad at him for saying a comment about her boyfriend being gay, she comes over and pulls the controller out of his hands and out of the playstation but when the camera changes angles it shows the playstation open and no game inside.

Correction: It is actually possible to play the PlayStation without a game inside - it can even be open. If you are working on a level that you have already done, that is loaded off the Memory Card, not the game, meaning the game doesn't have to be in. It's only if you're continuing on to a new level that you have to have the game inside. He could have been playing an already saved level.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film where Torrance is at cheerleader tryouts she says "finals are on February 10th, regionals are in like 4 weeks" yet in the rest of the film it looks like its the middle of summer.

Correction: That's because they're in Southern California. I'm from there, and it is sunny and warm most of the year, even in the winter.

Jane Doe

Character mistake: When Missy is at her audition, Courtney and Whitney get annoyed and tell her to do a sequence, (front handspring stepout, roundoff back handspring stepout, roundoff back handspring, full twisting layout). However, when Missy starts the sequence, she starts with a cartwheel instead of a front handspring.

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Football Announcer: Our next defeat is scheduled for next Friday, 8 o'clock.

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Trivia: Not a mistake, just something interesting I noticed. The cheerleader from the Clovers, the feisty short one, is a member of the singing group Blaque, who also sings the main soundtrack song. The other two members of the group feature too.

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Question: There was a flash back to cheerleader camp. Big red was there. Why would she be there? She was a graduating senior. She shouldn't be there since she was a senior. Once they graduated they don't go to the summer camps for the next year.

Answer: Kirsten Dunst states that the incident happened last summer. Big Red would have been between her junior and senior year at that point.

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