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Corrected entry: Late in the movie Missy who is a newcomer to the team is practising in her house in front of the staircase. Her brother Cliff comes down the stairs and you see him from a camera shot from behind. This shot shows his trousers to be black. When you see the front camera shot of this scene he is wearing khaki pants.

Correction: His trousers actually weren't black, that was only an illusion because of the shadow.

Corrected entry: At one point in the film, Missy says, "State Regionals, here we come," but any high school athlete, particularly a cheerleader, would know that a Regional Competition takes place within a state, and those placing highest at Regionals would then move on to the State Competition.

Correction: Character error not film error.


Correction: Missy wasn't always a cheerleader, she was a gymnast. She could have easily been confused about the competitions simply because it was new to her.

Corrected entry: In the scene for the cheerleading fund-raiser car wash, Cliff comes up with his car and Missy has Torrance come over so Cliff can "check out her rack". Cliff says, "I begged my mom for a brother". This is not possible, as he is younger than Missy.

Correction: They are actually twins.

Correction: Cliff is actually older than Missy, not younger.

Character mistake: When Missy is at her audition, Courtney and Whitney get annoyed and tell her to do a sequence, (front handspring stepout, roundoff back handspring stepout, roundoff back handspring, full twisting layout). However, when Missy starts the sequence, she starts with a cartwheel instead of a front handspring.

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Isis: You wanna make it right? Then when you go to Nationals... bring it. Don't slack off because you feel sorry for us. That way, when we beat you, we'll know it's because we're better.
Torrance Shipman: Oh, I'll bring it. Don't worry.
Isis: I never do.

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Trivia: The cast drove to City Walk at Universal Studios in Hollywood the night the filmed opened, and that's where they found out it had reached number one. Kirsten Dunst, who was 17 at the time, cried when she found out.

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Question: What is the age difference between Missy and her brother Cliff?

Answer: I believe that Missy is a Junior (16-17) and Cliff is a Senior (17-18).


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