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Corrected entry: At Nationals they say that there is one squad for every state - 50 squads. If that is the case why does California get two teams?

Correction: This is explained at the California State competition where the Toros do the 'copied, spirit fingers' routine and are DQed. A judge tells Torrence that all though the Toros will not win State, they will go to Nationals to defend their title since they are the previous year's champion. Thus, California has two squads at Nationals.

Corrected entry: Late in the movie Missy who is a newcomer to the team is practising in her house in front of the staircase. Her brother Cliff comes down the stairs and you see him from a camera shot from behind. This shot shows his trousers to be black. When you see the front camera shot of this scene he is wearing khaki pants.

Correction: His trousers actually weren't black, that was only an illusion because of the shadow.

Corrected entry: When Aaron gives Torrance the phone number for Sparky Polastry he tells her he won nationals last year. But the Toros are the defending nationals champions. None of them know Sparky so he can't have helped them win last year's nationals.

Correction: Aaron said that he had met Sparky at Nationals, but he never said that Sparky had won Nationals.

Plot hole: Check out the final routine at the end of the movie for the Clovers. Watching carefully, approximately 20 seconds into the routine you will see two girls on the left hand side running face to face into each other. If this had been a proper competition they would have lost because it was a major error in the routine.

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Darcy: The words "big" and "britches" come to mind.
Whitney: She's crazy. She'll kill us all.
Courtney: Some of us haven't spent the whole summer working out. Right, Carver?

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Trivia: When Torrence, Les, Missy, and Jan are driving in Les' car after picking Missy up, watch Les. He is constantly looking in his rearview mirror. This is because there is a cop car pulling someone over behind them. (00:26:20)

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