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Corrected entry: After Torrence wakes up from her dream at the beginning of the movie, her alarm clock starts to go off. Then without her even touching it, it stops.

Correction: My alarm clock turns itself off after a set period of time which isn't very effective because you can learn to sleep through that minute or whatever.


Corrected entry: When the cheerleaders go to pick up Missy in Les' car, they are playing Blaque's song and Missy comes out and does a small dance routine. In this scene and the next inside the car, both Missy and Torrence are wearing only the top and skirt of the uniform. Later in the game, all cheerleaders show up wearing the uniform WITH turtleneck sweaters. As we know the girls did not change clothes at school, so it was a bit odd to watch Missy and Torrence without their turtlenecks in the previous scenes.

Correction: It is totally possible for the girls to put the turtle necks on after they arrive at the game. With my cheerleading squad we only wear the turtle necks if everyone has them. So if you get to the game you can put them on or take them off depending on what the rest of the squad is doing.

Corrected entry: During the beginning of the movie, Torrance says the regionals and finals are in February and May. Later in the movie, when they say they have to work overtime for the new routine for finals, they say that they will use nighttime football games to practice. Football season doesn't last until February or May.

Correction: Torrance says regionals are in a couple of weeks and finals are February 10th. She says nothing about May whatsoever.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sparky is teaching them the routine, behind him above the seats is a poster that says "GO TOROS", above that is a clock that throughout the whole scene never changes until the very end when he gets angry and smashes the chair against the pole. It's not like time could just stand still. Or could it?

Correction: The clock could be broken.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Torance is at Missy's house talking to Aaron, she asks Missy for a pen and paper. Missy hands Torance a paper and crayon, but when Torance is writing Sparkies number on the paper, she has a pen in her hand, not a crayon.

Correction: Torrence uses the writing implement that Missy hands to her - it does not change. It has a grey shaft with black bits on the end.

Corrected entry: During the Regionals, about 18 seconds into the Clover's Routine, notice that Isis' partner has changed (this occurs after her original partner crawled through her legs) as she helps him up. A few seconds later, as the Clovers prepare to do the arm-cross move just before the shot of the judges, her partner has changed back. (00:53:28)

Correction: Isis' partner doesn't change. There is a change of shot to show other members of the Clovers who are behind Isis on the stage. The girl you are talking about does look like Isis, but it is a different member of the Clovers.

Corrected entry: During the finals of the national competition, a male cheerleader from one of the other squads runs backstage after his squad's performance and begins talking to Les. The cheerleader is wearing a blue uniform. However his squad didn't compete in the finals, because we later see five squads on stage for awards (there were only five squads in the finals) and none of them are wearing the blue uniform of the male cheerleader.

Correction: I'm assuming that the judges would have whittled the original 50 squads who competed on the first day (preliminaries) down to, say, 20 squads who would compete on the second day (finals). The 'five finalist squads' we see on stage at the end of the film would be the five highest scoring squads on this second day. The Coyotes (blue uniform) would have competed on the second day but just not have been one of the five highest scoring squads.

Corrected entry: When Isis is talking to Torrence for the first time, Isis says, "Ugly red-head with a video camera permanently attached to her hand," if you look at the girl on the far right, you see she's on both teams. You see her again in the next scene when Torrence is talking to the Torros, and she's sitting right behind Missy.

Correction: The flyers for both the Clovers and the Toros are sisters, hence the looking similar/the same.

Corrected entry: In the scene before the regionals, when Torrance is talking to the newswoman with the team behind her, Whitney is standing next to her. The shot changes to the newswoman, then back to Torrance, and Courtney is there. The shot changes again and Whitney is back next to Torrance.

Correction: The girls are lined up behind Torrance as follows (left to right) - Missy, Casey, Darcy, Courtney, Whitney - and the order never changes throughout the scene. The girls are excited and are jigging about quite a bit - combine this with the slightly different camera angles of each of the shots of the scene, and there is perhaps the illusion that the girls' positions are changing.

Corrected entry: The cheerleading competition is all wrong. Teams need a cheer too, not just a drill.

Correction: That is not entirely true... Although some competitions require a cheer, there is an all music category where no cheer is required. I am watching an official Cheerleading competition right now... SO i know this to be true.

Corrected entry: At the football game when the cheerleaders are running out, it shows the band standing up playing for them. Then it's show the back of the crowd and you can see the band standing up again but with no instruments while the music is playing.

Correction: The band does indeed still have their instruments; they just aren't holding the instruments up as if they were playing.

Corrected entry: The cheerleaders state that tattoos are forbidden, but during the car wash, you can see Jan has a huge sun tattoo on his back.

Correction: There are two explanations for this. The sun tattoo is in a place that is not obvious and is covered up by the uniforms. The other explanation is that they were just trying to find a reason to get rid of Missy at the beginning because they didn't like her.


Corrected entry: Torrance and Isis are both captains and make the decisions. However, in order to exist in a school or to compete, they must have a coach as well, and that is the one who determines the final decisions.

Correction: As a squad, we made all of the decisions and the coach just went by what we decided. It ultimately was our decision, she just simply told the people in charge about it and was our representative.


Corrected entry: In the scene with Torrence's first practice as captain, they are doing a pyramid. In one of the shots, Whitney, the one on the far right, her leg is pulled up to her knee but in the next shot her leg is where it is supposed to be, on the middle girl's side.

Correction: I am a cheerleader, and that is how you prep in a stunt before you actually put your leg up there. She was balancing herself, the proper technique like you should before you put your leg out where its supposed to be.

Corrected entry: In the dream sequence, one of the male cheerleaders has a tattoo around his arm. However when Missy is trying out Courtney says "tattoos are strictly forbidden."

Correction: It may be a lie in an attempt to keep Missy from joining the team. Courtney is a snobby character after all.

Corrected entry: In the first carwash scene Kirsten's hair is wet. Then, when she walks up to her boyfriend, her hair is completely dry.

Correction: The cheerleaders must have devoted a whole day to the carwash in order to make as much money as they could to pay for Sparky, so her hair was probably wet from the water games they were playing early in the day. Cliff most likely arrived later in the afternoon, especially since he had to dirty up his car. Thus, Torrance's hair had more than enough time to dry, especially on a perfectly sunny day in San Diego.

Corrected entry: At Nationals they say that there is one squad for every state - 50 squads. If that is the case why does California get two teams?

Correction: This is explained at the California State competition where the Toros do the 'copied, spirit fingers' routine and are DQed. A judge tells Torrence that all though the Toros will not win State, they will go to Nationals to defend their title since they are the previous year's champion. Thus, California has two squads at Nationals.

Corrected entry: When Aaron gives Torrance the phone number for Sparky Polastry he tells her he won nationals last year. But the Toros are the defending nationals champions. None of them know Sparky so he can't have helped them win last year's nationals.

Correction: Aaron said that he had met Sparky at Nationals, but he never said that Sparky had won Nationals.

Corrected entry: Late in the movie Missy who is a newcomer to the team is practising in her house in front of the staircase. Her brother Cliff comes down the stairs and you see him from a camera shot from behind. This shot shows his trousers to be black. When you see the front camera shot of this scene he is wearing khaki pants.

Correction: His trousers actually weren't black, that was only an illusion because of the shadow.

Corrected entry: When the first cheer starts (I'm sexy, I'm cute.) Everybody steps to side, and finally, Big Red start to sing. In the next shot, everyone has taken their positions behind Big Red. How could they do that without be seen? She could has gone under, but then we will have seen them.


Correction: It was a dream. Anything can happen in a dream.


Continuity mistake: In the tryouts scene, the stripper's top suddenly changes between when she leans in towards Torrance and when she crawls across the table. [This is because in the extended version of the scene, she takes off the top to reveal she is wearing an even more revealing one under the first. Still a mistake, but there's the explanation.]

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Aaron: You're a great cheerleader, Tor, and you're cute as hell. Maybe you're just not "captain" material.

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Question: There was a flash back to cheerleader camp. Big red was there. Why would she be there? She was a graduating senior. She shouldn't be there since she was a senior. Once they graduated they don't go to the summer camps for the next year.

Answer: Kirsten Dunst states that the incident happened last summer. Big Red would have been between her junior and senior year at that point.

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