Bring it On

Trivia: The cast drove to City Walk at Universal Studios in Hollywood the night the filmed opened, and that's where they found out it had reached number one. Kirsten Dunst, who was 17 at the time, cried when she found out.

Trivia: When Torrence, Les, Missy, and Jan are driving in Les' car after picking Missy up, watch Les. He is constantly looking in his rearview mirror. This is because there is a cop car pulling someone over behind them. (00:26:20)

Trivia: Not a mistake, just something interesting I noticed. The cheerleader from the Clovers, the feisty short one, is a member of the singing group Blaque, who also sings the main soundtrack song. The other two members of the group feature too.

Trivia: The filmmakers paid $40,000 to use "Cherry Pie" during one of the auditions (the sexy girl who starts dancing on the table).

Trivia: A couple of the cheerleaders, Eliza Duskhu, and Jesse Bradford decided to go to Mexico one night to party, as most of the filming locations were in the San Diego area. However they were arrested, and had to be bailed out. They made it to set minutes before they were supposed to film the car wash scene.

Trivia: Ian Roberts, who played Sparky Polastri, improvised most of his lines (except for "spirit fingers") as he was a former member of the improv comedy troupe, Upright Citizens Brigade.

Trivia: The director hired two different choreographers for the Clovers and the Toros so that their choreography would feel different.

Trivia: The toothbrush scene wasn't in the original script. Torrance and Cliff had to meet someway, and they came up with the toothbrush scene idea to emphasize the sexual tension between them. The entire idea of Torrance spending the night at Missy's was to get Cliff and Torrance together for that scene.

Trivia: Eliza Duskhu's role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer is what got her the role of Missy.

Character mistake: When Missy is at her audition, Courtney and Whitney get annoyed and tell her to do a sequence, (front handspring stepout, roundoff back handspring stepout, roundoff back handspring, full twisting layout). However, when Missy starts the sequence, she starts with a cartwheel instead of a front handspring.

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Aaron: You're a great cheerleader, Tor, and you're cute as hell. Maybe you're just not "captain" material.

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Question: What is the age difference between Missy and her brother Cliff?

Answer: I believe that Missy is a Junior (16-17) and Cliff is a Senior (17-18).


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