The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Revealing mistake: After the crazy man cuts his own hand, he laughs and waves the knife. Watch carefully and you can see the hose behind the blade the blood came through. (00:13:40)

Mortug Premium member

Revealing mistake: The position of the hitch-hiker, in relation to the lorry, as it hits him, changes between shots. Also, the hitch-hiker is an obvious dummy as he is hit; you can see the fake limb attachment on his arm. (01:16:25)

Hamster Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Leatherface is cutting up Kirk while Pam is on a meathook behind him, he cuts Kirk with the chainsaw twice, but when he lifts it up there is no blood on it. (00:38:20)

Hamster Premium member

Revealing mistake: Toward the end of the movie, when Sally escapes from the Leatherface family in the dining room, she runs and jumps through a window. As she does, it is blatantly a stunt double; note the curly blonde wig. (01:15:20)

Hamster Premium member

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