The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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9.7/10.Possibly one of the best horror movies of the 1970's.It's truly groundbreaking in horror with the idea of murderous cannibals.The first horror movie I know of to take place in Texas with the environment of the backwoods of blazing Texas.It almost seems like you're on another planet. Leatherface is more like an animal than man in that he attacks others in defense than just to kill.He represents those of us who feel threatened by the outside world whose cruelty truly makes us long for solitude somewhere quiet.The gore is kept low with most occurring off screen in what I think was a genius move by the director.This genius move being letting the audience picture what was happening in their minds which made it even scarier. Leatherface here is more victim than monster like Frankenstein's Monster.He only does what he does to please his family.Most of the sequels took this element away which reduced the character.I felt Gunnar Hansen was the best in the role with Marilyn Burns being the first really good final girl at the start of the golden age of the slasher genre.It started with Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974, ended with Freddy's Dead:The Final Nightmare in 1991.True there's been other good slashers but they aren't on the same level as ones like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Continuity mistake: As the teenagers pull up into the gas station, look at the position of the gas pumps hose and its shadow. In the next shot the gas pumps shadow has vanished and the gas pumps hose is positioned differently. (00:18:20)

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Old Man: Look what your brother did to the door! Ain't he got no pride in his home?

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Trivia: Only one person actually gets killed with the chainsaw: Sally's brother.

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Question: In the trivia it says that the name Leatherface is only said once or twice. Well, I can't recall the name being used at all. What scenes were the name used?

Answer: The name "Leatherface" is used in the scene set in the hotel, and the waterfall scene. The grandmother says "leatherface" right after she says "Maryana, crank up the chain saw" in the waterfall scene. She actually says it in a whispering tone, so you have to turn the volume up to the max.

I think you're referring to either a remake or sequel. In this film (the original made in 1974), there is no living grandmother that speaks, scene set at a hotel, character named Maryana, or a waterfall scene.


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