The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Corrected entry: In the opening narration, the word "chainsaw" is spelt incorrectly, as two words instead of just one.

Correction: Not a mistake - look on IMDb to find that it is known as both "Texas Chain Saw" and "Texas Chainsaw".

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: To avoid lawsuits the makers of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" put a piece of tape over the brand logo on the chainsaw that Leatherface used, and it is still a mystery what brand of chainsaw was used in the movie.

Correction: The chainsaw used in this film was a Poulan 306A, with a piece of black tape covering the Poulan logo in order to avoid a possible lawsuit. (Source: Interview with Tobe Hooper).

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: This movie is suppose to be about cannibals yet during the movie they never say anything about cannibalism.

Correction: They don't really SAY anything, but there are many things that are cannibalism. Like when the girl runs from Leatherface to the Sheriff Office, there are things roasting in the fire (human things...), and the Grandpa sucking on the girl's bloody finger also counts.

Correction: Are you serious? There's clues all over the place that they're cannibals. Human bones being all over the house is just one example.

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