Continuity mistake: At the very end of the movie, watch the man standing to the left of the Bruce at Banickburn. In a shot from behind, there is a man with very short and curly hair. In the very next shot, from the front this time, a different man with very long and straight hair is to Robert's left.

Continuity mistake: When William realizes that the Bruce has been bought by the King, he gives up and lies on the ground. Earlier, he had been hit with an arrow and if you look hard you can see the arrow move when he lies down. This shows the arrow to be attached to his clothing and not actually piercing his body.

Continuity mistake: During the scene in which Steven (the crazy Irishman) joins up with William Wallace and they converse about killing Englishmen and such, pay attention to Steven's forehead. It's very obvious that the scene was composed of multiple takes because of the way that repeatedly throughout the scene Steven's hair changes. There are a couple of locks of hair that go from being stuck across the middle of his forehead to being off to the side with the rest of his hair. (01:09:00)

Continuity mistake: After Murron's funeral, Wallace kneels before her father, who at first makes a fist, then places his hand flat on Wallace's head. His palm is down, fingers outstretched. But when it cuts to the wide shot, he's suddenly gripping Wallace's hair in his fist.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the English on horseback charge the Scots, look at the lighting on the ground. One moment it appears to be sunny, and the next it is cloudy.

Continuity mistake: When Morrison bumps into an English soldier, he falls to the ground. At the same time he swings his sword from his right. When it cuts, he is on his legs swinging his sword from his left. (01:26:10)


Continuity mistake: When Wallace was first seen approaching the deer, he already had the bow and arrow ready, he would just need to draw back and shoot. But in a close up shot of Wallace, he was just taking out an arrow to get it ready.

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Continuity mistake: In the prison cell scene, after Princess Isabelle enters the cell and the jailor leaves, the jailor leaves the cell door half closed. The camera moves to William again then back to Princess Isabelle and the door is now fully open. (02:28:45)

Continuity mistake: During the first major battle scene, Wallace's sword has a leather looking binding around the blade at the hilt. As the battle progresses, the binding moves a third of the way down the blade and then back again.

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Suggested correction: They're supposed to move. It's there so the sword can be held by the blade and the hilt in close-combat scenarios.

Continuity mistake: There are scenes edited out of sequence. It is just after the fight scene where Wallace and other Scots storm the fort and Wallace kills the old guy that killed his wife. Well, in that scene, Hamish's father was struck in the shoulder with an arrow, and everybody is dirty and bleeding from the fight. The very next scene we see everybody cleaned up and fine at Wallace's wife's funeral, even Hamish's father can be seen without the arrow in his shoulder. Now, the scene after that, everybody is bloody and dirty again and they are removing the arrow from Hamish's dad. The funeral was edited out of sequence.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the rock-throwing-competition scene between William and Hamish, as William is helping Hamish up there is an openly-bleeding cut on Hamish's forehead where William hit him with the small rock. Two seconds later the cut has sealed itself and there is no blood anywhere on his forehead. (00:25:40)

Continuity mistake: When Wallace is pretending to surrender after the English killed his wife, he is on a horse and he puts his hands behind his head. In all the shots from in front his hands are high on his head, in all the shots from behind his hands are low on his neck.

Continuity mistake: As the horses are charging towards the Scots at Stirling, there's a shot of Hamish's father waiting to attack. Take notice of both his shield and the soldiers' behind him. There are no arrows anywhere. (01:26:25)


Continuity mistake: At Falkirk the order in which Longshanks, Robert the Bruce and the English soldier are standing changes from shot to shot. In some shots Bruce is between the soldier and Longshanks and in other shots the soldier is between Longshanks and Bruce without the actors ever moving.

Continuity mistake: In the first battle scene (the first one with Wallace and the blue paint), when Wallace is charging the English you see him grabbing for his sword. In the next scene his arms are at his side. In the scene after that, he is grabbing for his sword again.

Continuity mistake: In Wallace's father's burial scene, when the young girl goes to give William the thistle, the camera goes to just their hands which are supposed to be those of young children. They are however clearly the hands of an adult woman and man.

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Suggested correction: Just watched this scene. The hands are far too small to be those of an adult. The size of the thistle gives it away. Oh, and the fact that you can see the children's bodies.

Continuity mistake: When Wallace throws the first archer over the wall, he comes up to him from the archer's right and picks him up, but in the following shot Wallace is on his left. (00:50:55)


Continuity mistake: Right before Campbell gets his hand chopped off you can see him fall over and land on a dead man. When it cuts, the way he lies beside the man has changed. (01:27:35)


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Continuity mistake: At Sterling right after the first arrow attack by the English men, you can see Wallace getting up with his shield in front of him. We can see one arrow attached to his shield, however when it cuts he has two arrows attached to the shield. (01:23:20)


Continuity mistake: During a scene showing Wallace and Murron hurrying up a low slope, a funny red light, possibly from a camera, briefly flashes far back in the trees behind them. Watch really carefully to spot it.

Continuity mistake: In another major battle scene William Wallace is running into battle with a bloody claymore in his hand. In the next shot of him it is back in its sheath. Then in another scene he has it in his grasp again, but this time it is clean.

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Trivia: The Irish Army personnel, who were used as extras in the battle scenes, had an unfortunate habit of wearing wristwatches and sunglasses, causing several scenes to be re-shot.

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Chosen answer: Just like he said, it would dull his wits and not leave him fully lucid the next day when he had to face the torture.


He wanted his full awareness so he didn't accidentally yell for mercy.

Answer: Because it's a reference to what his Father's last words to him were at the beginning of the film before he was killed, 'I know you can fight but it's our wits that makes us men'. That's why Wallace says to the Princess, 'It will dull my wits and I must have them always'.

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