Continuity mistake: When Prince Vlad enters the chapel to find Elisabeta dead, as the camera pans toward her, the floor in front of the baptismal font is clean, but in the high angle shot where Vlad cries out and tilts the basin, two small pools of Elisabeta's blood can be seen on the floor (the same blood that is washed across the floor by the holy water in the following close-up of the font hitting the floor). (00:03:10 - 00:04:10)


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Suggested correction: Elisabeta drowned; the only blood we see is by her mouth. The red patch on the floor is just a shadow - this becomes apparent when it follows the priest as he moves.

No, the mistake is correct, you are confusing the blood stains by the baptismal font (sitting at her feet) with the shadow above her head: As Vlad enters the chapel, the camera slowly pans toward Elisabeta and the floor in front of the font is clean. In the high angle shot where Vlad cries out and gets up, we see two small pools of Elisabeta's blood in front of the font. In the following close-up of the font falling, we see a pool of blood at the bottom of the shot which is then washed across the floor by the holy water.


Continuity mistake: When Prince Vlad tilts the baptismal font, the stains of Elisabeta's blood on the floor change position between the overhead shot and the close-up, easily seen from the cracks in the floor. (00:04:10)


Continuity mistake: When Jonathan backs away from Dracula after the vampire notices his crucifix, in the first shot, most of the chain is hidden under Jonathan's collar. In the next shot, where Jonathan is standing in front of the window, the entire chain is outside his shirt. (00:27:10)


Continuity mistake: When Dracula helps a nervous Jonathan shave, the left side of Jonathan's crucifix is hidden under Jonathan's shirt. When Dracula sees the reflection of the crucifix in the blade, the entire crucifix is hanging outside Jonathan's shirt, also when we see its reflection in Dracula's eye. In the next shot, the left side is tucked under Jonathan's shirt again. (00:27:10)


Continuity mistake: During the crypt scene, the shot of Lucy lying down in the stone coffin and the following shot where she sits up and vomits blood on Van Helsing, show dramatic difference in the depth of the coffin. (01:27:00 - 01:27:05)

Continuity mistake: When Van Helsing tasks Quincey with guarding Lucy, as he asks, "Do you understand me?", Van Helsing's arms are down by his side and Quincey is holding onto the hat on his head with his left hand, while the rifle in his other hand is down by his waist. In the next shot, their arms change position: Van Helsing's hands are gripping Quincey's coat and Quincey's left arm is down by his side and he is holding the rifle up by his head (before bringing it down to waist level again). (01:17:15)


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Continuity mistake: When Mina is with Dracula in Seward's room, as she says, "I must know. You must tell me.", her hair is behind her shoulders, but in the next shot, most of her hair is in front of her shoulders. (01:37:10)


Continuity mistake: When Jonathan is comforting Mina on the train, after Mina says, "Oh, what have I done to you", her head, resting against the couch, keeps moving up/down between different camera angles. (01:45:45)


Continuity mistake: After Dracula bursts into the room, interrupting the vampire orgy, the amount and position of the blood on Jonathan's face keeps changing between shots. (00:34:15)


Continuity mistake: When Vlad is kneeling next to Elisabeta's body, as he picks up her suicide letter, a part of the priest's shadow can be seen above her head, without the priest standing there. The shadow can also be glimpsed in a shot from the same angle a few seconds earlier. (00:03:20)


Continuity mistake: In the shot where Mina sits down on Lucy's bed to share the happy news, Lucy's upper body is propped up against a pillow and the top of her head is positioned above it. In the following shot from behind her head, her upper body is resting on the mattress and only her head is positioned against the pillows. When the scene cuts to a close-up of her face, her entire head is positioned below the top of the pillow. (01:11:10)


Continuity mistake: When Mina begins drinking blood from Dracula's chest, as he stops her, her face and teeth are clean. Two shots later, before she continues drinking, there's blood on her chin and her teeth. (01:40:40)


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Dracula: Is this my reward for defending God's church?
Priest: Sacrilege.
Dracula: I RENOUNCE GOD! I RENOUNCE GOD! I shall rise from my own death, to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness.

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Trivia: When Mina recalls her previous life as Elisabeta, she says she remembers a land beyond a great forest. "Land beyond the forest" is the literal meaning of Transylvania.

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Question: So, just to make things clear in the ending after Vlad's death: do Vlad and Elisabeta ascend into Heaven?

Answer: It's implied that Vlad has regained his soul and will ascend to heaven with Elisabeta.


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