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The Glimmer Man (1996)

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Continuity mistake: When Campbell and Cole are inside the Chinese herbal-like shop, the woman behind the counter offers Campbell a drink. When he goes to drink it he holds the cup with two hands but in the following shot he's holding it with only his right hand. (00:14:05)


Other mistake: When the killer and Segal are fighting in the last scene, and the killer is thrown out the window, you can clearly see the black shards on the window bend.

Continuity mistake: When Cole and Campbell are at the motel crime scene looking at the bodies on the wall, in one shot the woman's face is looking away from the male, but in the next shot she is now looking towards the male. (00:04:00)


Continuity mistake: When Cole and Campbell are in the car, if you look out Cole's window there is a blue car there, but when Campbell turns on the siren and turns right, the blue car has gone, and there is now a jeep there instead. (00:05:20)


Other mistake: When Segal is about to climb down the front of the hotel near the end of the movie, the camera shows a brown rope being thrown over the sign for him to use, yet when he starts to come down the side of the building, he is using a black rope, and a harness.

Continuity mistake: When Jim and Jack are in the morgue, and Jack says, "Is there anything else you like to comment on?" the doctor is standing next to Jim writing something down on a pad or piece of paper (you can see the pencil), but in the following shot he is not writing on anything and his hands are behind his back. (00:12:10)


Continuity mistake: In the middle of the film when Jack Cole is in the church with Christopher Maynard, in one shot Christopher holds his gun with two hands, and in the following shot he his holding it with one, and then back to two hands. (00:41:00)


Continuity mistake: Close to the end of the movie when Jack Cole is riding in the car with the two Russian mafia guys, one of the guys says "Coldest winter I can remember in L.A., the wettest too." The guy puts his hand up to adjust the rear view mirror, and then puts his hand down; in the following shot, you can see he puts his hand down again. (00:59:30)


Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film, when Cole saves Campbell from falling, they then proceed to swing down the rope, and if you look closely, you can see a crewmember's arm sticking out of a window holding a piece of equipment attached to the rope, making sure that they don't swing out too much. (01:19:00)


Continuity mistake: When Jack Cole goes home to see his children, he talks to his new girlfriend/wife, if you notice from the back, the wife's/girlfriend's hair is different when the shot goes to the front. (00:25:00)


Continuity mistake: When Keenan is watching Casablanca, Segal shows him a yellow slip and is wearing gloves. When they show his full body he has no gloves on.

Visible crew/equipment: During a scene where Steven Seagal dives over a wall to escape an exploding vehicle, the view changes to overhead and you can see the spotter there to make sure that Steven Seagal hits his mark.

Other mistake: In a fight scene between Segal and the killer, when he and Segal are fighting you can clearly see the stand in for the killer doing the martial arts is obviously shorter than the actor he's meant to be a double for.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Segal meets the CIA boss at the Asian restaurant, he takes a napkin laying under some bread on the middle of the table. In the next scene, the napkin is back under the bread.

Andreas Winnberg

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie Steven Seagal and Keenan Ivory Wayans are driving to a hostage taking in a car that's seen as a Chevrolet Caprice from the front and as a Ford Crown Victoria from the rear.

Deliberate mistake: Just before Donald has a fight with Jack at the end of the film, we see Donald jogging down a flight of stairs to escape the building. Then after a bit of a punch up with Jack, we see Donald running back up the same staircase to escape Jack, but when he reaches the top it turns into a dead end. There is nowhere that Donald could have came from when we see him coming down the stairs. (01:19:35 - 01:20:35)

Continuity mistake: When Cole is in the Roslov's house with the killer, Cole puts the killers head through a TV screen completely smashing all the glass, yet in the following shot, only the middle of the TV screen is cracked and has a small hole. (00:48:20)


Continuity mistake: When Cole and Campbell stop a couple of guys from breaking into a car, the guy with the gray hair, who is talking to Cole, is pointing his gun at the side in one shot, yet in the following shot he is pointing it straight at Cole. (00:17:30)


Continuity mistake: When Cole and Campbell are at the motel looking over the crime scene, there is a shot of between the victims' bodies, if you look closely at the hands in this shot, they are moving. (00:04:15)


Lt. Jack Cole: Listen, um, I want you to deliver a message for me. You tell your asshole boss that nobody, nobody threatens me.
Donald Cunningham: I understand. I'll convey your feelings to Mr. Deverell.
Lt. Jack Cole: Now get your ugly white ass outta here and don't come back.

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Trivia: Steven Seagal had some sort-of religious "breakthrough" before filming began and decided he didn't want to kill any villains in the movie. This caused some friction on the first day, when he was set to film a scene where he killed Stephen Tobolowsky. Tobolowsky, knowing how spiritual Seagal was, ended up convincing Seagal that killing his character was the right thing to do, as it would allow his character to be redeemed and reborn in a new body through reincarnation. The scene was filmed as it was scripted. Later, however, Tobolowsky got a call from the director, who informed him that Seagal kept improvising lines implying that Tobolowsky survived. Tobolowsky ended up having to come back out and record some wonky dialog of his character screaming "Finish me off!" to imply he survived and appease Seagal. In the end, the lines weren't used and Seagal's improvisations were simply cut out, so Tobolowsky is killed off as was originally planned.

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