The Glimmer Man

Other mistake: When the killer and Segal are fighting in the last scene, and the killer is thrown out the window, you can clearly see the black shards on the window bend.

Other mistake: When Segal is about to climb down the front of the hotel near the end of the movie, the camera shows a brown rope being thrown over the sign for him to use, yet when he starts to come down the side of the building, he is using a black rope, and a harness.

Other mistake: In a fight scene between Segal and the killer, when he and Segal are fighting you can clearly see the stand in for the killer doing the martial arts is obviously shorter than the actor he's meant to be a double for.

Other mistake: At the scene of Coles' ex wife's murder, the police car nearest the footpath is impossibly parked. There is a lamppost inches from the front of the car and a tree inches from the rear. Did it parachute in?

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