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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ace is trying to find a connection between Finkle and Einhorn, there is a shot of his monkey walking along a mantelpiece to the right hand end. There are 2 photos in frames on the mantelpiece, one of which is right up against a heavy book that is flat on the mantelpiece. In the next shot, zoomed in on the monkey jumping on the book there is no sign of the photo that should be touching the book. (01:02:45)

Factual error: When Snowflake is being stolen at the beginning, he makes the high-pitched noise that dolphins make even when he is out of the tank; those high peals are made underwater through carrying sound. He wouldn't sound the same out of the water as he did under it.

Revealing mistake: When Ace Ventura is checking out the tank at Ronald Camps party (looking for Snowflake), as he's holding the fish over the water, whistling and saying "Here Snowflake", you can see the tip of the sharks nose, waiting to jump out of the water. (00:29:40)

Continuity mistake: When Finkle/Einhorn is stealing Snowflake, he has his hands on the side of the tank. Look at which finger his Championship ring is on. Then when he puts his hand in the water, it's now on a different finger.

Continuity mistake: In Ace's fight scene with Einhorn, he pulls her jacket down around her elbows, and she retaliates by kicking him in the groin. A split second later, her jacket is on properly again. (01:11:40)

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Revealing mistake: When Ace's car flips over you can see the left wheel is elevated over the bush. If you look closely there is a wooden plank there to help the car lift itself over the bush. The other mistake in the shot is that there is no conceivable way the bush would have flipped the car. Unless there was something very solid in front of the bush, the car would have just gone right through the bush. (00:52:05)

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Character mistake: In the scene at Roger Podacter's condo building, you hear the reporter mention that he allegedly leaped to his death from his own 20th story balcony. As the camera pans down, you can see the flashlights and people up on his balcony doing the investigation. This is the 2nd from the top floor. If you count the floors as the camera moves down, there are more than 20 floors to this building. The number is actually closer to 30. Even though it is difficult to get an exact count of the floors, it is still possible to tell with 100% certainty that his unit was on a floor higher than 20.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Ace visits Woodstock's secret office at the music club, pay attention to the computer screen when Ace asks him to tap into the aquatic supply stores to track the sale of equipment for transporting a dolphin. Woodstock says, "All right, we got marine winch, sling, feeder fish, 20,000 gallon tank..." As he is saying this, the computer screen shows a bunch of non-related items (plates, cups, concrete, stone) with crazy numbers that don't make sense. It was as if someone was in a hurry to create a fake spreadsheet to use in the movie that they just pounded on the keyboard and a bunch of numbers came out. If you look through all of the items, it's actually funny how they are so varied (dog food, speakers, sneakers, soup, chairs) and have nothing to do with the story. Many of the items also repeat with different sets of numbers.


Revealing mistake: After Ace loses the guys in the car chase who kidnap Dan Marino, Ace goes hurtling through the park in his car and smashes through a picnic table. Just before his car flips you can see his windshield is smashed but no holes through it. As the car flips over the bush there is a sizeable hole in the windshield on the drivers side. Its likely the hole was for the stunt driver to look through on the flip. Ace in his car has to keep his head out the window to see anything in front of him (because of the smashed windshield). On the flip the guy has his head in the car. Later on the hole has fixed itself. We see this as Ace is driving Dan Marino to the Superbowl the windshield is still smashed but no hole and throughout the film its made very clear Ace doesn't have the money to fix it up at any point. (00:52:05)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when Ace is kicking the box down the apartment's hallway and he says, 'We're going downtown.', before he says that the box is up against the wall in a normal position, after the close up of Ace saying this, the box has moved to a different position. (00:01:50)

Continuity mistake: When Ace is talking to the dog in Roger Pedactors apartment (after his death), he picks up the dog when Einhorn approaches. As he is picking up the dog he places his left hand around the dogs neck. In the next split second shot his left hand is around the dog's body. (00:37:55)

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning when Ace is in the parking lot of the stadium for the first time, there is a person walking in the background as Ace swerves his car. In the next shot, it shows two people watching him drive, and then when it goes back to Ace's driving, the man walking in the background is gone without having enough time to walk out of the camera's line of sight.

Other mistake: If Lois Einhorn is Ray Finkle, then how come Finkle has bigger fingers at the beginning, when Snowflake is being abducted, than he does in the end?

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Suggested correction: Doors from the outside view are different on every floor, they are not moving up and down together with the lift.

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Continuity mistake: When we first see Finkle's room, it's an inside shot and it's completely dark. But when we see the rest of the room, there is a "shrine" to Marino, with candles already lit. (00:49:00)

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Revealing mistake: When the bad guys are shooting at Ace, he catches a bullet in his teeth. However, he goes from his lips being tightly shut to suddenly having the bullet in his teeth, obviously hiding the bullet in his mouth. (00:52:00)

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Continuity mistake: When he is in the aquarium tank (just after he says "I've got to, mister!"), he leans down with his glasses in his left hand. He's supporting his weight on his hands so can't move them, but in the next shot from behind his left hand's flat on the ground with no glasses in sight. (00:16:10)

Continuity mistake: When Ace enters the bathroom at Camp's mansion, a towel falls to the floor from the door. However, when he exits the bathroom soaking wet, there is a closeup of his shoes and the floor and the towel is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Ace looks through Finkle's stuff he holds up two knitted coasters. They change hands between the two shots.

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Trivia: When Ace goes into Einhorn's office to reveal he's solved the crime, you can see a banana placed between 2 apples on the desk - a deliberate hint about Einhorn's true identity. (00:53:25)

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Question: In the UK (Region 2) version of the film, the scene in which Ace pretends to be Hans the dolphin trainer was removed. Can anyone tell me the specific reason why it was removed? Also do any other versions around the world (notably US and Australian versions) remove the scene?

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Chosen answer: That scene was cut originally by the director Tom Shadyack because the scene did not support the story and thought it slowed the film down. (And the scene was cut from the US version as well.) It was added back later in TV versions of the film. Fan enjoyed the scene so much they asked it be put back in the film version. I know the DVD has it because I own it. It's hilarious!

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