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Corrected entry: Ace states the jewel he found in the dolphin tank was from a 1984 Superbowl ring. He later mentions it was from Superbowl 17. Superbowl 17 was actually on January 30 1983. Therefore, if it's from a 1984 ring it would be from Superbowl 18 (January 22 1984).

Correction: Actually, he says it's from a 1984 AFC Championship ring. The Dolphins then went on to lose that Super Bowl because of the blown field goal. Hence, why Finkle has a ring in the first place.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Ace's landlord says how he "heard animals scratching around" in Ace's apartment. Ace then lets him inside to snoop around, but at his signal all the animals hide. Thing is, the landlord would have a master key that would allow him access to all his tenants' apartments, so why didn't he just have a look himself when Ace wasn't home?

Correction: Because it's illegal for a landlord to enter a tenant's rented space without permission from the tenant.

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Corrected entry: After Ace reveals that Einhorn is a man by showing her "scorching case of hemorrhoids" she runs after him and he slides out of the way causing her to fall into the water. If you look closely, as she's falling there are no "hemorrhoids."

Correction: That's not really hemorrhoids but actually "his" genitals that he had tucked under to keep hidden. When "he" was running towards Ace they would have shifted back where they belong.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Ace is going to go inside the building to send a package, you can see the cameraman reflected in the glass door. (00:00:40)

Correction: The reflection may be Ace's as well, hard to tell.

I agree that's it's Ace because when you watch the scene, you see the reflection move to the (viewer's) left until it's gone, matching Ace moving to the left door.


I can assume that is the cameraman because he moves from right to left in sync with the movement of the frame. Moreover Ace should be moved further to the left side, and the man reflected on the glass is on the right of the screen.

Corrected entry: Why are there so many people waiting at that one bathroom where Ace entered at Camp's mansion? Seeing as how he is extremely rich, he must have many other bathrooms in his giant house.

Correction: Many people only invite party guests to certain areas of their homes, because they consider other parts to be too intimate to show casual acquaintances. So even if he did have more bathrooms, it is likely that they would be in areas of his home where guests were not invited.


Corrected entry: The "stone" Ace finds in snowflake's tank is supposed to be a cut of "Orange Amber." This is questionable as amber (which isn't really a stone, but is actually a resin) is extremely delicate and dissolves easily even in untreated water, take into account the amount of chemicals present in an aquarium and a piece as small as the ones used in the ring wouldn't stand a chance.

Correction: Unless it was coated in a clear lacquer. Which is almost certainly was. This would allow the owner of the ring in which this setting was to placed to not have to remove the ring every time they took a shower or went swimming. Without a lacquer finish the setting would eventually dissolve away even through normal wear and use.

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Corrected entry: When Ace arrives at the dock to rescue Marino, Einhorn makes a call to the police station telling them she has caught the kidnapper. She gives the address of the warehouse as VICTORIA Road, but in the very next scene, as the police are running to their cars, the dispatcher is giving the address as 343 VICTORVILLE Road. (01:10:00)

Correction: This is deliberate, as a hint to Einhorn's identity; it's from Victor/Victoria, a movie about crossdressing.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ace is trying to prove Eihnhorn's/Finkle's true identity, He opens Einhorns's blouse but it's never removed. In a later shot you see Eihnhorn from behind and can see her bare back. Later, her blouse is back on.


Correction: Ace rips open her blouse and pulls it down below her shoulders, but not completely off, which is why you see her bare back. she pulls it back up before picking up the piece of glass.


Corrected entry: All football field scenes are shot at the Orange Bowl and not Joe Robbie Stadium (ProPlayer Stadium) where the Dolphins actually play.

Correction: The Dolphins play their regular season games at Joe Robbie. The Super Bowl is played at the Orange Bowl.


Corrected entry: When Ace is delivering the package at the beginning of the movie, he lets the elevator doors close on it. However, all elevator doors are equipped with sensors so that they won't close on things. The package would have been big enough to keep the doors open.

Correction: Although all modern lifts do have this fail safe, older ones do not. Harrods in London being a good example! Also depending on the lift, they will either have a beam, or work as per car windows and stop if they can't move freely.

Correction: There are two possibilities for this. The first and most likely is that Melissa is referring to the fact that Snowflake herself is considered rare for her talents, abilities, markings, age or any number of personal reasons. The second is that it is a common misconception that Bottlenose Dolphins are so commonplace, just because we see them in zoos and water shows. The Marine Conservation Association has declared them Vulnerable, just a step from Endangered and they state there has been no known accurate census of their numbers, which have dwindled due to Tuna fishing practices killing dolphins world wide.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, at the docks, when Einhorn has the gun pointed to Ace's head, you can see that the trigger is pulled all the way in. (01:10:30)

Correction: The revolver is a Smith & Wesson Model 36. If you pull the hammer all the way back the trigger will retract to that position so that only a slight tug is required to fire.


Corrected entry: When Ace is driving with his head stuck out of the window, his hair never moves. Either he's stationary against a backdrop or that is some seriously strong hair gel.

Correction: It is talked about in the behind-the-scenes interviews with Jim Carrey that his hair for this movie was drenched with hair-gel (I think it was a Freeze gel) so that it never moves throughout the film and maintains its shape. This may well be what Ace does too.

Corrected entry: When Ace ripped Einhorn's clothes off, there were several cops standing behind her. They should've seen her penis long before Ace revealed it.


Correction: Einhorn is wearing pretty tight underwear, and standing behind her would only make it *more* difficult to tell if they were a man or not.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when the dolphin is stolen, Finkle puts his hand (wearing the Superbowl ring) on the tank. This is a man's hand, however, Finkle would have a woman's hand seeing as he is posing as Lieutenant Einhorn at this time. There is also no way he could have been Finkle at this point in time because later in the movie it is shown that "she" has been a lieutenant for a while.

Correction: Whilst you are correct that her hands should remain the same size, if you pause the film at the right moment, you can see it is in fact a man, with a man's face, and possibly a black beard (or balaclava), conducting the dolphin-napping. Einhorn shouldn't look like her old Ray Finkle self at this point, unless it was only meant to show her mannish hands to throw us off and they accidentally caught the male actor's face in the clip.

Joshua Bellis

Correction: Finkle had breast implants. He didn't have an operation altering the bone structure in his hands. There's no reason the hands shouldn't look like a man's.

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Corrected entry: Einhorn's revenge plot against Dan Mariono was pointless. No coach, not even in the Super Bowl, has his starting quarterback holding the ball for extra points and field goals.


Correction: Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo held the ball for a field goal attempt in a playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks in 2006, which he bobbled and ended up costing the Cowboys the game.

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Corrected entry: When Ace is going to inspect the tank he climbs halfway down the ladder and jumps down. Then he takes a few steps and makes it nearly halfway across the tank. In the next shot they zoom in on Roger and Mellisa but you here about 7-10 more steps, enough for Ace to reach were he was going but when they show him again it looks as if he's barely moved if moved at all.

Correction: You only hear the steps, but since we can not see him, there is no indication that they were all in the same direction. He likely took the same number of steps backward as he did forward (i.e. five forward then five back) to end up where he started, or even walked in a circle investigating the perimeter of the tank.


Corrected entry: When Woodstock says he is sending new coordinates to the Norwegian whaling fleet, the blips on the radar screen move even when the beam is not sweeping over them. The screen also makes it look as though Woodstock's radar (and the whole nightclub?) is smack in the middle of the fleet.

rabid anarchist

Correction: Not necessarily, it means that the radar unit is in the middle of the fleet. It wouldn't make sense for him to have his radar at the nightclub.

Corrected entry: When Ace is hanging on the wall in the James Bond scene, when he lets go with one hand to open the door his hand holding him slips and he still hangs, showing he is standing on something.

Correction: This is very intentional. Ace is obviously standing on a ledge the whole time, but he plays that he is in a spy thriller, and has to follow the clich├ęs. One of these is to give the audience a scare by having the hero hanging on to something by one hand and almost slip off. It is just Aces childish fantasy at work here, nothing more.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, at the Super Bowl between the Miami Dolphins and the Philadelphia Eagles, Ace is sneaking up on the albino pigeon sitting on the gatorade coolers. The Eagles' mascot walks up and shoos the bird away, but they are on the Dolphins' side of the field. Why would the Eagles mascot be on that side? (01:17:35)

Correction: There's no protocol to say mascots have to be on their own side. Some games the mascots go around the field to antagonise the team or fans and to have a bit of fun with the crowd.

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Revealing mistake: When Ace and Melissa are in bed together having sex if you look close enough you can see that she is wearing underwear. (00:45:35)

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Lois Einhorn: Listen, pet dick. How would you like me to make your life a living hell?
Ace Ventura: Well, I'm not really ready for a relationship, Lois, but thank you for asking. Hey, maybe I'll give you a call sometime. Your number's still 911? All righty then.

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Trivia: The dolphin was trained to retrieve many objects that were thrown in a pool at SeaWorld Miami. There were maybe 12 -16 different shaped and weighted items that she learned to pick up and place on the side out of the pool and water. One of the objects and the most important was a black rubber gun. Every single time the only object she would not recover was the gun.

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Question: Why can't Ace just ask every football player to show their rings to him instead of just going through all that trouble tricking them while investigating?


Answer: If people catch on to what he's doing, it could possibly tip off the culprit and give him time to hide evidence. Also, it's a silly movie and this is about comedy, not logic.

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