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Corrected entry: When Ace reveals the true identity of Einhorn, she is surrounded by policemen. Still nobody who stands behind her sees the "thing" in the back of her panties until Ace turns her around. Then all of a sudden everyone, even the policemen now facing her front, are disgusted.

Correction: They might not have realized what it was or weren't paying attention until he pointed it out.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Docks, Dan Marino calls Ace over to let him know about Mr. Happy tucked in Lt. Einhorn's panties, but when Ace reveals this to everyone, Marino spits and reacts like he has just noticed it. (01:14:45)

Correction: Marino pointed out the fact that something was noticeably sticking out of Einhorn's panties, but when Ace pointed out what it actually was, he had the same reaction as everyone else because he probably didn't believe Ace's accusation either.


Corrected entry: When Ace arrives at the dock to rescue Marino, Einhorn makes a call to the police station telling them she has caught the kidnapper. She gives the address of the warehouse as VICTORIA Road, but in the very next scene, as the police are running to their cars, the dispatcher is giving the address as 343 VICTORVILLE Road. (01:10:00)

Correction: This is deliberate, as a hint to Einhorn's identity; it's from Victor/Victoria, a movie about crossdressing.

Corrected entry: Ace states the jewel he found in the dolphin tank was from a 1984 Superbowl ring. He later mentions it was from Superbowl 17. Superbowl 17 was actually on January 30 1983. Therefore, if it's from a 1984 ring it would be from Superbowl 18 (January 22 1984).

Correction: Actually, he says it's from a 1984 AFC Championship ring. The Dolphins then went on to lose that Super Bowl because of the blown field goal. Hence, why Finkle has a ring in the first place.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dan Marino is shooting his ad, two men lift him up and take him away, if you look closely at 99, he is on the left hand side, yet when the two men get outside with Marino, 99 is now on the right.

Correction: They've also put him down - enough time's passed that they could have switched.

Corrected entry: When Ace is in the tank and has found the ruby stone in the filter, he shakes it out onto his hand...from the far shot the gem is in the upper area of his hand, but when the camera comes in for a closer shot the gem is in the dead centre of his palm.

Correction: If you watch closely you can see that he clearly rolls the stone into the middle of his palm after blowing away all the other muck!

Continuity mistake: When Ace rescues the dog and replaces it with a toy dog, the toy dog is in an impossible position. Ace had to place it there when the door was still open, but if the door was closed after that the man would have knocked it over. (00:03:25)

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Ace Ventura: Aaalll righty then.

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Trivia: When Ace enters the club to meet the guy with long blond hair and glasses, the song playing is "Hammer Smashed Face" by death metal band Cannibal Corpse. Jim Carrey is a fan of Cannibal Corpse and insisted they appear in the movie since it takes place in Florida, the "capital" of death metal.

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