Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Revealing mistake: Just before a conveyor belt drops the vase upon Eddie's head, an overhead shot shows him pointing at Smart Guy, but actually Eddie points much further left in relation to where Smart Guy is standing. (01:25:10)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Baby Herman tries grabbing onto a clock's swinging pendulum, he stands on a box of Acme deadly mouse poison. But when the box falls over onto the countertop, its label vanishes. (00:02:40)


Revealing mistake: After shooting their way into Eddie's apartment, the weasels start walking in and cast long shadows on the floor. But the only shadow visible in a reflection on the nearby glass doors is that of Wheezy's Tommy gun. (00:41:10)


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Visible crew/equipment: Right before Eddie goes in for a closer look at the will in Marvin Acme's patty cake photo, a boom mic is reflected in the magnifying glass. (00:36:15)


Continuity mistake: Baby Herman opens the faucet and floods the kitchen, but 2 seconds later there is no trace of the water. Since the rest of the mess that Herman and Roger cause (scattered cutlery, broken objects and furniture) does appear at the end of the gag when toon and real world combine, some trace of water should be seen somewhere. (00:02:30)

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Continuity mistake: During the first animated Baby Herman scene, he throws away the lid of the cookie jar on top of the fridge. When the fridge crushes Roger, the cookie jar has not only managed to move from the fridge to the floor in a nano second, but also the lid is back on. (00:03:15)

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Other mistake: Three shots after Eddie stuffs the soap into Smart Guy's mouth, when the other four weasels notice him tumbling down the stairs, a chair can be seen flying across the room. This is impossible, because the other four weasels are together, and Smart Guy was talking with Eddie, so there was nobody to throw the chair. (00:42:15)

Continuity mistake: In the climactic scene where the Red Car is about to "Dip" Roger and Jessica, one shot of Eddie (shot upward from the ground) also includes the hook that Roger and Jessica are hanging from. However, Roger and Jessica are not animated into this shot.

Revealing mistake: The streetcar railway tracks are simply metal strips laid in the road. When Eddie jumps off the back of the streetcar's bumper, you can see that the rails are not in full contact with the road, as there are visible gaps between the rails and the road surface. What's more, the rails do not have the grooves that would be necessary for the cars' wheel flanges. (00:10:10)

Continuity mistake: The toon patrol car hits the 2 police motorcycles in the middle of the long alleyway, yet after they crash the cops then land in the middle of the street. (00:59:25)

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Revealing mistake: When Eddie is using the magnet to pull Judge Doom toward him, you can see the wires attached to Doom's shoulders used to move him. (01:27:05)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Valiant gets his check notice he puts it in his left chest pocket, but when he gets in front of the trolley operator to pay he reaches in his left jacket pocket then it quickly shows him holding it showing the trolley operator. (00:08:55 - 00:09:55)

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Audio problem: In the scene where Valiant is outside and looks over to see the brooms cleaning, notice the bird on the bike coming towards the camera. You hear a bell ringing as he goes by but there is no bell on the bike. (00:09:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Eddie hears his friend has been laid-off, Delores puts her hand over the glass to remind him he needs to have the money by Friday and she takes her hand off the glass when the camera pans up to her face. When it cuts back to Eddie her hand is still over the glass. (00:12:00)

Audio problem: In the scene where Hoskins and Roger are going into the sceret room Dolores says, "oh swell," but her mouth doesn't move. (00:44:00)

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Audio problem: In Valiant' office after Roger reads the letter and Valiant says, "Why didn't you just leave the letter there." Notice Roger standing on the bed, you hear him talking, but his mouth doesn't move. (00:38:45)

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Factual error: Eddie Valiant sits in his office looking at the "vacation" pictures also on the roll of film in the camera borrowed from Delores. One of the negatives is crooked in the enlarger and shows 35mm sprocket holes. This was not a 35mm camera. (00:26:55)

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Continuity mistake: When the movie starts and Herman is launched outside the park, the rattle balls on the bars disappear. (00:01:25)

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Dolores: Is he always this funny, or only on days when he's wanted for murder?

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit trivia picture Video

Trivia: When the taxi Jessica and Eddie are in hits the lamppost, she spins around and her dress shifts position. For a couple of frames on the laserdisc version her underwear vanishes, or at least it appears to. Opinion is divided as to whether it's a deliberate move by the animators or just an error in colouring. (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/who-stripped-jessica-rabbit/). (00:18:15)

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Question: When Eddie is fighting Doom at the end he spots a box with a singing sword in it. He whips it out and sure enough, the sword starts singing. My question is, why would there even be a singing sword? Is this a reference to something else?

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Answer: Valiant also shares his name with Arthurian comic strip hero Prince Valiant, who wields a singing sword, Flamberge.

Chosen answer: One of the legends of Excalibur says that the sword sang when Arthur pulled it from the stone. Bugs Bunny went on a quest for the singing sword in a cartoon once, so there's historical AND cartoon precedence for singing swords.

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Answer: This is also a gag factory where such things like that would be made for cartoons.


Answer: It's likely just meant to be a nonsensical gag. Notice how Eddie and Doom both give the sword a questionable look, like they're also confused as to why such a thing even exists.

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