Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Audio problem: In Valiant' office after Roger reads the letter and Valiant says, "Why didn't you just leave the letter there." Notice Roger standing on the bed, you hear him talking, but his mouth doesn't move. (00:38:45)

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Factual error: Eddie Valiant sits in his office looking at the "vacation" pictures also on the roll of film in the camera borrowed from Delores. One of the negatives is crooked in the enlarger and shows 35mm sprocket holes. This was not a 35mm camera. (00:26:55)

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Continuity mistake: When the movie starts and Herman is launched outside the park, the rattle balls on the bars disappear. (00:01:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Judge Doom is about to dunk the squeaky shoe into the Dip, it seems to stick itself in for him, even though it looks rather scared. (00:33:35)

Visible crew/equipment: When Eddie is bouncing up and down on the pogo stick at the Acme Factory, two wires are visible around his left and right shoulders; just before he bounces up into the light fixture.


Revealing mistake: During the climax, one of the weasels says "Toon Town's right on the other side of the wall, boss!" If you look, you can see a brick moving completely by itself behind him. It literally just pushes out of the hole in the wall as though it's being pushed from the other side. It seems like the other weasel was supposed to be animated pulling it out, and they somehow forgot to animate that part. (He does reach over and grab it for a split second... but then immediately lets go for some reason).


Factual error: When Eddie throws Roger into the bar's storeroom (after Roger was breaking plates on his head), there's a Lucky Strike ad poster with the slogan "Be Happy, Go Lucky." However, the Be Happy, Go Lucky ad campaign didn't start until after 1948 when BDO took over advertising, and the film is set in 1947.


Revealing mistake: In the Acme warehouse, Roger's shadow disappears a split second before the bricks land on him. (01:21:50)


Continuity mistake: When Roger goes to the Acme warehouse, he brings the gold-plated gun that was in Eddie's car after Eddie took it from RK Maroon. This is a real (not-animated) gun, and when Roger is talking to Benny before going into the warehouse, he's holding a real (non-animated) gun. After Roger bursts through the drain, the gold gun he's holding is animated. (01:21:25)


Revealing mistake: Eddie heads into Toontown with an oversized animated gun. As he lurks into an alley, his gun is a plastic prop. During filming, Hoskins would carry the prop gun and the animated gun would be superimposed over it, but the animation wasn't applied to the gun in the alley. (01:13:50)


Continuity mistake: When we're first introduce to Roger, the table on the left disappears between shots, and the pillow he rests on keeps moving closer to/away from the door randomly. (00:01:00)

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Continuity mistake: After unveiling the dip machine, Judge Doom explains its functions while waving his cane in the air. But in the following shot his cane is planted firmly on the floor instead. (01:19:15)


Continuity mistake: As Donald plays both pianos at once, the white piano's lid alternates from being closed to open between shots. (00:16:40)


Continuity mistake: After Eddie kicks out the stool and forces a hard-boiled egg into Angelo's mouth, the eggshell fragments on the bar rearrange themselves into a neat pile. Also, two more eggs appear on the bar, which can be seen after Angelo gets on his feet and turns around. (00:13:40)


Continuity mistake: When Eddie breaks out the magnifying glass to get a better look at Marvin Acme's will, his left thumb jumps to a different position on the photo between frames. (00:36:20)


Continuity mistake: Before Eddie grabs Roger to toss him out of the apartment, a blanket hung over the edge of the pull down bed rearranges itself between shots. (00:37:25)


Continuity mistake: When Eddie starts browsing through his Catalina pictures, a white cup on the desktop changes its location between shots. (00:26:15)


Continuity mistake: After blowing his top in R.K. Maroon's office, Roger rests his head on the desktop. Watch how a black ledger appears beneath Roger's head by the time R.K. and Eddie walk over to comfort him a few moments later. (00:24:10)


Revealing mistake: After getting a mouthful of soap from Eddie, Smart Guy is thrown across the room and loses his gun. When the gun hits the wall you can see it dangling from a puppeteer's string in mid-air. (00:42:15)


R.K. Maroon: How much do you know about show business, Mr. Valiant?
Eddie Valiant: Only that there is no business like it, no business I know.
R.K. Maroon: Yeah. And there's no business more expensive. I'm 25 grand over budget on the latest Baby Herman cartoon. You've seen the rabbit blowing his lines. He can't keep his mind on his job. You know why?
Eddie Valiant: One too many refrigerators dropped on his head?
R.K. Maroon: Nah, he's a toon. You can drop anything you want on his head, he'll shake it off. But break his heart, goes to pieces just like you and me.

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Question: I read that Doom hates Toons and that's why he wants to destroy ToonTown, but why would he hate Toons if he's one himself? Is this like Blade that hates vampires when he's one himself?

Answer: There's really a lot of possible reasons he hates other toons. There's a whole Roger Rabbit book and comic book series that explain Doom's background more. In the film, he's greedy and wants to destroy Toon Town to build the freeway to make more money. In human disguise he's also seen as merciless and is just punishing toons to maintain law and order, etc. Although that's just an excuse to kill toons as well. However, not explained in the film; as a toon he was cast as the antagonist in cartoon films until an accident one day left him thinking he was an actual villain (as opposed to just an actor playing one). That's when he began his life of crime, including killing Teddy Valiant. So his hatred of toons is more about him being evil and not a personal vendetta against them, like Blade's motives.

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