Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Audio problem: In the secret room where Hoskins and Dolores are hiding Roger right before Hoskins hits his head on the lamp he says, "crazy tunes," but his mouth doesn't move. (00:44:25)

Joe Campbell

Audio problem: In Maroon's office, when he says to Valiant "I want you to get me a couple of pictures to wise up the Rabbit with," notice the next shot is of Maroon from the back of his head. Notice his mouth doesn't match the words he is saying. (00:06:30)

Joe Campbell

Audio problem: In the scene where Valiant is outside and looks over to see the brooms cleaning, notice the bird on the bike coming towards the camera. You hear a bell ringing as he goes by but there is no bell on the bike. (00:09:10)

Joe Campbell

Audio problem: In the scene where Hoskins and Roger are going into the sceret room Dolores says, "oh swell," but her mouth doesn't move. (00:44:00)

Joe Campbell

Audio problem: In Valiant' office after Roger reads the letter and Valiant says, "Why didn't you just leave the letter there." Notice Roger standing on the bed, you hear him talking, but his mouth doesn't move. (00:38:45)

Joe Campbell

Audio problem: As Eddie walks into the bar with Roger stuffed into his coat, you can hear somebody shooting pool. But only two seconds later Eddie walks past the pool table and, here, we can see one of the patrons actually passed out and laying down on top of it. It would be impossible to shoot pool under those circumstances, which means the pool ball noises were dubbed over. (00:43:20)


Audio problem: When the Toon Patrol shows up at Eddie's door in search of Roger, they start knocking and the door shakes in response, but sometimes no sound can be heard to correspond with the door's movement as they knock. (00:40:45)


Audio problem: The first thing we can hear as Eddie walks upstairs into the bar is a rack of pool balls being broken. But two seconds later he greets his buddy Harry, and at this point we can see how all of the balls have settled and a player is lined up and prepared to take his shot at the corner pocket. It takes more than two seconds for a rack of pool balls to settle. (00:11:20)


Audio problem: When one of the bar patrons talks about Earl's two week notice, he says "Put the poor guy on two weeks' notice," but at the point where he says "guy" his lips are forming an altogether different word. (00:11:40)


Audio problem: In the scene when Eddie goes to give Maroon the fake will, Maroon says "I'm a cartoon maker, not a murder!", when he says "Murder" his lips aren't moving at all. (01:06:35)

Carl Missouri

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Continuity mistake: When Jessica appears on stage, Eddie has Betty Boop standing next to him in all close-up shots, except for a wide shot of the public behind Jessica where Boop is missing. (00:18:15 - 00:19:05)

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Dolores: Is he always this funny, or only on days when he's wanted for murder?

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Question: Does "pattycake" also mean something sexual? We were obviously at first supposed to think Jessica and Acme had sex, but if they were, why would she say "pattycake" and why does Maroon say "You're not the first guy whose wife went pattycake on him"? Am I missing out on something?


Chosen answer: According to the director, Pattycake is the toon equivalent to sex.

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