A View to a Kill

Continuity mistake: When M calls Moneypenny and Bond, there's a closeup on the intercom and James is holding her hat behind it but in the next shot, he is further from the intercom.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When Bond is knocked off the snowmobile near the beginning, he falls face down next to the snowmobile skid, not moving. After a brief cut away, we then see him lifting himself up from a face-up sitting position. He's had no time to move himself that way. (00:03:05)

Continuity mistake: When Zorin's men attacks Stacey's house, she throws a jar at one of them. A huge part stays on his head and he doesn't remove it when he escapes with the other. When Stacey is taking the broken parts on the floor, you can see that same huge part. At the place it is on the floor, the man had to put it gently on the floor, something he didn't. (01:13:40)

Dr Wilson
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Visible crew/equipment: When Bond's car (stolen Taxi) gets cut into half, the man driving (long shot) is a stuntman and not Roger Moore. (00:19:35)

Continuity mistake: During the fight between Bond and Zorin on the Golden Gate Bridge, Zorin's shoes alternate between grey slip-on loafers (worn by actor Christopher Walken) and grey trainers (worn by Walken's stunt double).


Revealing mistake: After knocking out one of the guards in Zorin's warehouse, Bond places him into a wooden packaging on the conveyor belt. If you watch carefully, the 'unconscious' guard uses his hand to push himself into the packaging.

Audio problem: When Bond and Stacey are escaping from the shed in the mine, Zorin fires 7 shots from his six-shot revolver. Not to be outdone, Dr. Morimer fires 8 shots in succession from the blimp door from his six-shot.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film when Bond and Mayday are trapped in the water rushing into the mine, her hairdo is totally drenched when her entire head is submerged and her wet, straightened hair falls onto her forehead. The next scene, when they are walking through the water and debris, her hair is beautifully sculpted as it has been through the entire film.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Roger Moore is driving the stolen firetruck he passes a gas station. When he hits the sign of the gas station you can clearly see a whole camera rig on the side of the truck. (01:32:20)

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Stacy leave the mine shack, him in a company jacket and her in overalls, you can see she is wearing red heels which Bond comments "it is the union" to a worker. Later when May Day rips the overalls off Stacy she is wearing white shoes to match her dress.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond chases May Day up the Eiffel Tower, she throws the fishing rod at him and the wire wraps around his legs. As he falls down he has the gun in his hand. The next shot his hands are free and he is untying the wire. The next shot he has the gun in his hand. At no point does he put the gun down and pick it up. (00:17:40)

Revealing mistake: When Bond pushes on of the man that is attacking the house, you can see that the bannister is pre-cut and the parts are attached with some kind of hooks.

Dr Wilson

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end, after May Day explodes, Zorin grabs Stacey Sutton. As he does this you can see a cable holding him out of the blimp.

Visible crew/equipment: If you watch very carefully when Zorin pulls Stacey into his airship, you can see a crew member reflected in the front window.


Factual error: When Zorin blows the explosives on the train in the mine tunnel, the tunnel collapses, letting the water from San Andreas Lake in. However that would not have generated a huge water column on the surface of the lake. That could only happen with a bomb in the water, not deep below the lake bed.

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Other mistake: Stacey says to Bond that the jar she throws on one of the men that attacked her house contained the ashes of her grandfather. There's actually nothing in the jar.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: After the riders have jumped the water jump in the steeplechase scene, Bond is joined by a group of Zorin's exercise boys. You can see that a rider with a dark green helmet is positioned a few yards ahead of Bond, but in the next scene he is next to Bond and attacking him.


Audio problem: During the pre-credit sequence, as the girl falls onto the bed with Bond, she says "Commander Bond", but her mouth doesn't move.

Revealing mistake: During the car chase in San Francisco, Bond knocks off the hats of two men sitting in a white Cadillac when he is hanging from the ladder of the fire truck. You can tell this image is reversed as the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car, and cars in the United States have steering wheels on the left hand side.


Continuity mistake: When Bond is speaking to Dr. Mortner at Zorin's reception, the same clip of Bond using his 'ring camera' to take a picture is re-used from earlier. You can tell because Bond is not holding a champagne glass at the time he takes the picture, but there is a champagne glass in his hand in the shot.


Restaurant guest: Qu'est-ce qu'il y a, monsieur?
James Bond: There's a fly in his soup.

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Trivia: From "A View To A Kill" onward, the film's successor was no longer announced on the credits, replaced instead with "James Bond Will Return".

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Question: This is a two part question. When Zorin is flying over the mine in his zeppelin, he sees Mayday coming out of the mine with the bomb, and looks really shocked when it blows up, killing her in the process. But a few scenes before, he was quite happy to just leave her to drown in the flooding mine, so did he really love her and was just shocked that she had killed herself or was it shock because she removed the bomb from the mine and ruined his plan? I'm asking since Mayday tells Bond that Zorin told her he loved her (when they're both trying to escape from drowning in the flooding mine), so was Zorin lying to her or did he actually love her?

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Chosen answer: Zorin is a psychopath. He may have meant it when he told May Day he loved her, or he may have just been telling her what she wanted to hear. Either way, when he thinks she'll drown in the mine as well, he doesn't consider it worth scrapping the plan just to save her. Once she escapes and has the bomb, he looks shocked partially because she wasn't killed but mostly because she's chosen to sacrifice herself to thwart his plans, something that a self-interested psychotic personality can't comprehend.

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