A View to a Kill

Revealing mistake: When Patrick MacNee and Roger Moore are pushed into the lake in the Rolls Royce, you can clearly see the wire pulling the car into the water. It leaps out of the water as it takes the strain. (00:50:50)

Revealing mistake: When Tibbett kicks one of the guards in Zorin's warehouse, watch the reaction by the other guard. He reacts before Tibbett's boot makes contact with the guard. (00:38:30)

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Revealing mistake: When May Day jumps off the Eiffel Tower, a long ramp can be seen suspended at the top of the Tower. It was obviously needed to give the stuntman a sufficient run-up so that he flew clear of the structure. (00:18:10)

Revealing mistake: When the Rolls Royce is going underwater, it twists a little and you can clearly see that the car is empty. (00:51:00)

Revealing mistake: After knocking out one of the guards in Zorin's warehouse, Bond places him into a wooden packaging on the conveyor belt. If you watch carefully, the 'unconscious' guard uses his hand to push himself into the packaging. (00:38:30)

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Revealing mistake: When Bond pushes on of the man that is attacking the house, you can see that the bannister is pre-cut and the parts are attached with some kind of hooks. (01:13:00)

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Revealing mistake: During the car chase in San Francisco, Bond knocks off the hats of two men sitting in a white Cadillac when he is hanging from the ladder of the fire truck. You can tell this image is reversed as the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car, and cars in the United States have steering wheels on the left hand side. (01:32:10)

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Revealing mistake: After Mayday drops the recalcitrant businessman out of the zeppelin, there's a long shot of him falling into the water far below. An obvious dummy, his legs are flailing much too limply (and in too many directions) to be human. (00:56:10)

Revealing mistake: When Zorin falls off the Golden Gate bridge, you can see in the long shot it's just a dummy. (02:00:05)

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Revealing mistake: When the Russian is holding out the Order of Lenin for Bond, a square stage light or screen reflector can be seen in his glasses. (02:02:05)

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Revealing mistake: When the airship collides with the bridge, the flame effects are visible before contact is made. (01:58:20)

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Revealing mistake: Just after Bond looses the roof of the taxi, a green van skids to avoid hitting him. However, there are skid marks on the road from previous takes. (00:19:40)

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Revealing mistake: Just as Bond lands the improvised snowboard, a track from a previous take is visible next to Bond. (00:03:50)

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Revealing mistake: When May-Day and Zorin take Bond and Stacey out of Mr Howe's office after Zorin shot him dead, you can see the ‘dead' Mr Howe breathing. (01:24:10)

Revealing mistake: When Bond climbs the stairs to Stacey's bedroom in her mansion, the banister moves when he puts his hand on it. (01:11:15)

Revealing mistake: When Bond kicks the thug in the face during the attack on Stacey's mansion, you can see that Bond is not Roger Moore but his stunt double. (01:12:45)

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Tibbett are fighting the security guards in the warehouse, you can see their punches are not even close to making contact. (00:38:30)

Revealing mistake: When May Day winches James Bond to get the bomb out of the mine shaft, you can see the cogs of the winch don't move when she turns the handle. (01:51:30)

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Suggested correction: The cog is not part of the system that raises and lowers the crane. When May Day is lifting the bomb and Bond back up, you can see other cogs moving except that one.

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Continuity mistake: After Pola Ivanova sneaks out of the baths, she climbs into the car with General Gogol, who can be seen to be a double and not Walter Gotell. (01:07:20)

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Restaurant guest: Qu'est-ce qu'il y a, monsieur?
James Bond: There's a fly in his soup.

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Trivia: From "A View To A Kill" onward, the film's successor was no longer announced on the credits, replaced instead with "James Bond Will Return".

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Question: I read somewhere that Dolph Lundgren, who was Grace Jones' boyfriend at the time, has a small part in the film, however I can't spot him. Can anyone tell me who he is?

Answer: He plays a KGB agent helping General Gogol. It's real "blink-and-you-miss-him" stuff.

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