A View to a Kill

Corrected entry: When Bond makes a copy of the check to see the amount, the copy is readable. However, since it was made with a face down copier, the copy should have reversed.

Movie Nut

Correction: The image does not appear on the side of the paper that was in contact with the checkbook, which would be a mirror image. Bond flips the paper over to reveal the image (which essentially becomes a mirror image of a mirror image making it appear readable).


Corrected entry: When Bond and Tibbett are sneaking into the stables, they left a tape recorder in Bond's room playing sleeping/snoring noises to pretend Bond is in his room sleeping. When Zorin and Mayday look for Bond in his room the tape recorder isn't there any more. It is absolutely quiet in this room.

Lukas S

Correction: The tape had run out by the time Zorin and Mayday went into Bond's room which is why it was quiet. As for why they didn't see it...either it was an oversight, or they just didn't care.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: When Bond fires a flare on the ground in through the side door of the helicopter, it crashes into an icy wall and explodes. However, in the next shot, the explosion is over top of the open water.

Correction: It's the same explosion; you just can't see the water in the first close-up shot of the helicopter hitting the ice wall.


Corrected entry: During the car chase where Bond steals a taxi and loses the back of it, he couldn't have driven it because there is no back to it, and therefore no gas tank.


Correction: As long as there is fuel in the carburetor and fuel lines, the car will still run. The time the car is shown driving without a fuel tank is not so long that it would be inconceivable for it to use up all the fuel in the lines.

Corrected entry: When Zorin is gunning down on all of his workers in the underground mine, Christopher Walken's lips move as if he is screaming something out, but his audio is muted.


Correction: He's firing a machine gun in an enclosed space. It's going to be loud enough to drown out whatever he says. (From the scene, we can infer that it was just words to the effect that he's enjoying killing them.).

Captain Defenestrator

Corrected entry: When May Day pushes the Rolls Royce containing Bond and Tibbett into the lake, the car begins to sink near land because there are branches of a tree close to the car. But just a few shots later, the Rolls Royce has moved to the middle of the lake.

Correction: It begins to sink near the land, but takes time to completely flood; we see Bond inside regaining consciousness as the car fills with water. The momentum carries it out further into the lake as it slowly begins to sink (the wire pulling it into the lake has already been submitted).


Corrected entry: After killing Howe, Zorin drops the gun on the desk - with his fingerprints on it. Quite stupid for a genius I'd say. It should be Bond's fingerprints for Zorin's set up to work, so the plot doesn't even benefit from it.



Correction: Even a genius can make mistakes, and it's not "quite stupid"; just one aspect of the crime that he hadn't thought completely through. Not that it matters; his own fingerprints are probably not on file, so if his plan worked the police would find three dead bodies and a gun with an unidentifiable set of prints on it.


Corrected entry: After the Eiffel Tower scene, Bond chases after May Day in a blue car. Eventually he crashes with another car, and the rear half of the car breaks off, but the car keeps going. How is this possible when the fuel tank is in the rear part of the car?

Correction: There would be some residual fuel in the fuel line in the engine to keep the car going for a few more miles - theoretically speaking.



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When Scarpine knocks out Bond, he pushes him into the back of the Rolls Royce and he lies on his back unconscious next to Tibbett. However, when Zorin and May Day drive the Rolls Royce to the river, the 'unconscious' Bond has now managed to sit himself up on his seat.



The disclaimer, "Neither the name Zorin nor any other name or character in this film is meant to portray a real company or actual person" was added after the producers discovered a real company known as Zoran Ladicorbic Ltd, whose industry was fashion design. This is the first Bond film to begin with a disclaimer.