Continuity mistake: During the scene where the new family eat dinner for the first time, there are candles in front of the dad (they are in metallic candle holders). They are in an order like large, small, medium. But in the close up shot of the dad they have changed places to medium, small large. The sizes may be different but the concept of the mysterious shape shifting candle holders is the same. (00:19:55)

Continuity mistake: When Charles and Delia are sitting out on the white terrace, Charles holds a glass with brown coloured drink in it which is three-quaters of the way full, and Delia's glass is half full. When Otho walks onto the terrace, Charles's drink is clear-coloured and the glass is filled right to the top, and Delia's glass is now three-quaters of the way full. (01:01:35)

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Continuity mistake: During the scene where the Deitz family and their guests get possessed to sing and dance along to "Day-O," the positions of the black and white napkins, the wine glasses, the cutlery, the wine bottles in the ice-buckets, etc., change many times throughout this completely hilarious scene. (00:50:20)

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Continuity mistake: The photos Charles is holding of the Maitlands in sheets are 35mm photos based on the shape of the photo. The pictures Lydia took of them were Polaroid which are square and not as detailed or sharp as the other pictures, much less the same shape even if they were blown up.


Continuity mistake: When Barbara shows that they have no reflections by moving the horse in front of the mirror, Adam is seen waving his left hand (in the over-the-shoulder shot) and it cuts to a longer side shot as he's finishing waving his RIGHT hand. (00:09:15)

Other mistake: When Adam's headless body runs into the hallway to go shut the attic door, you can see a reflection of his body when he crashes into the banister. Ghosts don't have reflections, as seen in the beginning.


Continuity mistake: During the dinner party scene, the positions of the shrimp which hang around the small colourful sushi bowls often change. Sometimes they hang over the bowls, sometimes inside the bowl. This happens with Delia's shrimps especially. (00:48:55)

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Other mistake: If the Maitlands cannot be seen in a reflection being ghosts, then Lydia would not have seen them in the attic window in her camera, as that uses a mirror to reflect the image through the viewfinder.


Audio problem: When Adam, Barbara and Juno walk into the attic, Juno says "You should have been studying those lessons since day one." However, her lips never move.


Revealing mistake: When we see that Barbara and Adam are hanging out of the window in order to hide from the Deitz's, it cuts to Beetlejuice yelling "Oh boy. You guys are really a couple of spooksters." In this shot of him shouting, he does not have any white makeup applied to him, nor does he have any of the green patches that run down his neck. In this shot he does not look his usual "dead" state, but looks normal. They obviously forgot to make him look "dead." (00:56:40)

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Continuity mistake: During dinner, Otho is speaking and Delia listens, her hand away from the glass on the table. A shot later she is drinking from it. (00:51:20)

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Continuity mistake: In the Day O scene. Lydia is sitting at the table next to her father. When the possession takes place, Lydia is not longer at the table and in a brief moment is seen in the corner hiding, laughing behind her chair. The camera closes in on the song and dance, and when pulls it back Lydia and her chair are gone and the corner is empty.

Visible crew/equipment: There is a unknown 3rd person helping Charles and Otho remove the model from the attic. You can see him briefly just as the scene ends on the left side of the screen moving the front portion of the model, closest to the camera, between us and Charles. Charles and Otho would be hard put to move that entire model by themselves. Otho says it is sectional, but they still seem to move the entire model in one piece.

Continuity mistake: Adam picks up his head from the table and puts it back on. In the following shots the blood around the neck and head has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: At the start, when Adam drives to the store a fireman is cleaning the right side of the fire truck. A shot later he's now cleaning the front part. Also, when he exits the store the two firemen swap places between shots.

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Beetlejuice mistake picture

Revealing mistake: At the start, after the car veers away from hitting the dog and comes to rest teetering on the edge of the bridge, you can see the quick release wire cable that was used to secure the car to the bridge. It's also very visible when the car is sinking into the water. (00:07:50)

Continuity mistake: As Barbara recoils after getting hit with the steel plate over her mouth, she starts to move back just before, and repeats the move just after, it appears.

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Continuity mistake: When Beetlejuice is screaming at Barbara and Adam, he kicks over the model tree. As he does, his hands are close to his sides. In the closer shot, they're a bit further out from his sides in preparation of the crotch grabbing joke.

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Adam: Well, how is it that you can see us but nobody else can?
Lydia: Well, I read in that Handbook for the Recently Deceased. It says, "Live people ignore the strange and unusual." I, myself am strange and unusual.
Barbara: You look like a regular girl to me.

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Trivia: A copy of the film was the first DVD Netflix ever shipped.

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Question: Why does Bettlejuice give Lydia some BS reason why he can't tell her his name, but them puts her through a ridiculous round of charades for her to guess it?

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Chosen answer: Because he can't say his own name, therefore the charades is the only way he can get her to figure out what his name is to say it.


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