Varsity Blues

Continuity mistake: In the shots at the beginning when driving to school Lance and Tweeder switch positions many times. First Lance is in the rear driver's side corner and Tweeder is in the front passenger's side corner. Then Lance is in the same corner and Tweeder is in the rear passenger's side corner. Then in the final shot Tweeder and Lance have switched corners. (00:06:00)

Joel Gordon

Plot hole: At the end of the game, they're trailing 17-14 with time for one more play from the 17 yard line. Unless the kicker was injured or something like that, every coach in every situation would kick a field goal in that spot to send the game to OT. Here, it wasn't even discussed.

Revealing mistake: In the game where Moxon has the 40-yard Scramble (against the Broncos) Tweeder seems to teleport around the field. He starts out on the far side (waving his hands), then has a block on the far side (as witnessed by the close yard marker), the scene cuts and he's on the near side of the field blocking (Moxon runs behind him), then he's on the far side (as Moxon gets up from diving Tweeder is behind him). Some fancy editing going on there.

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When the cop car pulls up on Moxon (with Tweeder driving) it says "West Canaan Sheriff," a local law officer. The next day the cop in the restaurant says "They stole a state trooper car" which is a totally different law organization. (00:40:15 - 00:42:35)

Joel Gordon

Factual error: District Titles are mentioned numerous times, but when Coach Kilmer is leaving the locker room at halftime of the last game all of the banners say "Division Title" which is not an award in Texas HS football.

Continuity mistake: In the game after Billy Bob passes out, the defense stops the opposing team and lance runs out onto the field. Billy Bob is already in the huddle. The next cut shows Coach Kilmer telling Billy Bob, who is on the bench taking oxygen, that he "needs him for one more series." (00:29:05)

Continuity mistake: When Billy Bob is knocked out on the field and his team-mates crowd around him if you look closely someone has the #4 on,but that can't be because Mox hasn't arrived yet and never had his helmet on.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Lance and Darcey are having sex on the drier, when Billy Bob comes in to throw up they show her in one scene with her top down and in the very next with her top up but she hasn't changed positions.

Continuity mistake: In the last game against Gilroy, on the 16 yard pass to Tweeter, before Mox snaps the ball, you see the clock in the background counting down, 7:03, 7:02....etc. After the pass is completed, when Mox is coming to the line calling the next play, the clock in the background shows the clock at 6:55, 6:54...etc. Two pass plays later he hits Tweeter again for the touchdown and after all the celebrating, it shows the scoreboard with the time of 7:07 again. (01:33:02)

Continuity mistake: When Darcey reaches in the cabinet to get the Sundea glasses she clearly has on flip flops. After going into the kitchen to put on her "whipped cream outfit" she comes out and in the reflection of the gun case where Mox is looking, if you look down at her shoes as she is coming out, she has on tennis shoes - you see her laces from the shoes flopping around as she walks.

Continuity mistake: In the first "Oopdy Oop" play it has Tweeder being tackled. It cuts and Tweeder is falling down again in the next shot. (01:32:10)

Joel Gordon

Factual error: In the final game for the district title, the opposing team would have had several penalties called on them for unsportsman like conduct for the breakdancing moves in the endzone, and all the other dancing the team did.

Continuity mistake: Toward the end, when Mox is about to lead the revolt against the coach, he completely loses his accent. Its especially noticeable when he is persuading one of the players not to take a painkilling injection.

Continuity mistake: When Tweeder is showing Mox the endzone dance, in the background you can see Lance getting shot up with steroids. When Mox looks into the room he's getting shot up again. (00:10:10)

Joel Gordon

Factual error: Right after Tweeder scores the first TD in the second half against Gilroy, it shows one of the Gilroy players on the bench take off his helmet while on the field and throw it down. This should be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty as well as a too many men on the field penalty against them. (01:33:00)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Jon Moxon is sitting on the bench during the Bingville game, reading the novel inside the playbook, the player standing in front of him (wearing a white baseball cap) is named Symonds, and is wearing the number 68. During the halftime of the Gilroy game, right after Moxon rallys the team with his speech in the locker room, Symonds is now wearing the number 9 (he jumps right in front of Moxon). When the players return to the field after the locker room rally to start the second half against Gilroy, during the opening kickoff, Symonds is again wearing the number 68.

Continuity mistake: In the first game Lance completes a pass to Tweeder down near the goal line (the ref waves his hands above his head which means completed pass and runs to mark the spot). The next play Lance passes the ball straight out into the flat to the running back, but it's at the 30 yard line. (00:10:55)

Joel Gordon

Revealing mistake: When Darcy and Lance are "having sex" on the drier and the overweight Billy Bob enters you can see that Paul Walker still has his underwear on (it actually looks a lot like a cup) but this would imply that they are faking the sexual noises.

Continuity mistake: In the first game when Billy Bob says, "We're punching it in for 6," the quarterback (to BB's left - BB plays right guard) is wearing number 5. Lance is number 7. (00:11:45)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Billy Bob is drunk and shooting his trophies, one of the trophies he throws changes after it hits the ground.

Billy Bob: It's a strip club, man. I'm here to work.

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Trivia: Darcy's whipped-cream "bikini" was actually made out of shaving cream because it held up better than whipped cream.


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Question: Could a High School football team really coach itself in the last quarter of the game? Wouldn't the ref not allow an injured player, such as Lance, to coach since he's not an official high-school coach? I always wondered this.

Answer: There's no rule in any sport, at least none that I could find, that requires a team to have, or listen to, a coach. Obviously in most cases it's a good idea, but if the coach were poor and/or working against the interests of the team, the players wouldn't be breaking any rules by simply ignoring them and listening to someone else.

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