Varsity Blues

Continuity mistake: In the whipped cream bikini scene, when Mox pulls back from kissing the cheerleader he has whipped cream on his shirt. In the next shot it's not there.

Factual error: Right after Lance gets hurt and Mox replaces him Mox's first play is a 40 yard pass for a first down after which everyone starts yelling he needs to stop the clock and the camera shows the clock moving. The problem is that in high school football the clock stops on first downs while they reset the chains so the clock should have stopped running until the first down markers were moved and the ref set the ball.

Continuity mistake: When Tweeder is puling up to Mox at the convenient store he has 3 girls in the car with him. if you look closely when he is driving down the street there is only a driver and no girls in the car.

Continuity mistake: In the last game during halftime the team rebels against coach Kilmer (Jon Voight) and leave. This leaves Lance to be the head coach, but what about the other coaches? They didn't leave with Kilmer - where did they go?

Continuity mistake: When Billy Bob is holding a camera when tweeter is about to hit the guy from the class of 1980, if you look towards the right, you see that Coke and Sprite cans are on opposite sides of the table. After the guy from the class of 1980 gets hit and the camera goes back to Billy Bob, you see that both of the cans are together and are on the other side of the table.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Mox comes downstairs and is talking to his father at the breakfast table his Father has his tie over his shoulder, then the little brother comes in the room and knocks the tie off his shoulder, then the camera goes back and forth and the tie is on shoulder, then off the shoulder. (00:03:36)

Continuity mistake: In the closing game, the score of the game is 17-7 but when Moxon is coming to the line, the score on the scoreboard is 14-7.

Continuity mistake: When Lance gets tackled and tears up his knee his shoulder pad is sticking out of his shirt at one point then it is back in then back out again.

Continuity mistake: In the seen where Mox runs the "oopty-oop" in practice, Coach Kilmer comes out and starts yelling at Mox. Kilmer grabs Mox's face mask. His hand moves from holding the top to holding the bottom and back to the top again.

Continuity mistake: After the first completion to Tweeder the scoreboard says the ball is on the 38 yard line. An incomplete pass is the next play and all of a sudden they are on the 20 yard line. (00:10:55 - 00:11:45)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: The announcer says that Moxon just had a 40 yard scramble when playing the Broncos. It cuts to the scoreboard and the ball was only on the 20 yard line. (00:44:25)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: In the practice where Mox runs the "oopdy oop" Tweeder is thrown a pass right before Mox takes the field. If you look closely he drops the pass as he is falling.

Continuity mistake: In the first "Oopdy Oop" play in the game it has Moxon looking to his left, then cuts and he immediately throws right without ever turning. (01:32:10)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: In the game against the Wildcats, the first shot is of the team on the 45 yard line. He rolls back about 10 yards and gets sacked. The next shot is of the scoreboard and it says the ball is on the 15, when it should be on the 35. (01:04:00)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Lance is walking out of his house, a wide shot shows the screen door is shut. When it cuts to him he's walking out from inside the house and the screen door is already open. (00:04:35)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Lance gets hurt, the guy who tackled him is partly laying on him, but in the next shot he's not on him at all. (00:29:50)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When the coach is yelling at Moxon and he's grabbed him by the facemask, he has an overhand grip in one shot and an underhand grip the next. (00:20:30)

Joel Gordon

Factual error: In the game against Gilroy, Gilroy would be penalized quite a few times for their bench being on the field.

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Tweeder says he's going to have carnal knowledge of Billy Bob's pig, he has his arm on BB's shoulder so that BB's number was behind his arm. It switches shots and the numbers are in front of Tweeder's arm. (00:05:50)

Joel Gordon

Continuity mistake: When Tweeder blocks the punt against Gilroy, it shows him running and putting his arms up in one shot. In the next he's in mid-air. (01:35:10)

Joel Gordon

Charlie Tweeder: Say I'm stupid and I'm about to get hit in the nuts.
Billy Bob: That's funny.
Charlie Tweeder: Ain't it funny? That's what I mean. See they need to change the name of the show to America's funniest shots in the nuts.

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Trivia: In March of 1999 the University of Toronto won an undisclosed amount of money from Paramount Pictures as the result of a lawsuit for its unauthorized use of the trademarked name "Varsity Blues". U of T's intercollegiate sports teams have been known as the Varsity Blues for over a century and the university has had the name trademarked since the mid-1980s.

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