Varsity Blues

During half-time, Coach Kilmer attempts to inject an injured Wendall with painkillers to allow him to play despite the fact it could lead to a permanent injury. Mox stands up to Kilmer and refuses to play if Kilmer injects Wendall, which would force a forfeit. Kilmer attacks Mox, causing the entire team to turn against him. Disgraced, Kilmer returns to his office and the team win without his guidance. In the end Lance becomes a successful coach, Wendall gets a scholarship, Kilmer retires and Mox goes to Brown University and never plays football again.


Continuity mistake: In the whipped cream bikini scene, when Mox pulls back from kissing the cheerleader he has whipped cream on his shirt. In the next shot it's not there.

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Billy Bob: It's a strip club, man. I'm here to work.

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Trivia: Darcy's whipped-cream "bikini" was actually made out of shaving cream because it held up better than whipped cream.

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