Varsity Blues

Corrected entry: When Lance is ultimately injured, Billy Bob falls over well before the ball is snapped. Any football fan knows that this is a dead ball penalty, meaning the play would be ruled dead, and Lance would not have been injured on that play.

Correction: Any football fan also knows that once the ball is snapped, things happen quickly. Once Billy Bob falls, the movie goes into slow motion. In real time a flag could be thrown but the play already be far enough in motion for Lance to be injured. No mistake here.

Corrected entry: Right after Lance gets hurt the 2 announcers in the booth seem to have ESP or either that they have some medical degree that nobody knows about because despite the fact that the injury just happened and nobody knows how serious the injury is they already know that the injury is severe enough that Lance's "ride" to Florida state is over.

Correction: They could have also known that any type of injury would make Florida State decide against giving a full ride scholarship to a player, despite knowing the severity of it. Injury prone players are usually a major a concern for top teams.


Corrected entry: When Tweeder blocks the punt they immediately start celebrating. The problem is a blocked punt is still live until recovered by one team or the other. They just skipped that part. (01:35:25)

Joel Gordon

Correction: They did skip that part, just like they skipped a lot of the football game. Even if the offense recovered the ball, unless they got to the first down marker it would still be a turn over. The film makers just chose to skip it and let the audience know there was a change of possession.


Corrected entry: The sex-ed teacher writes "sexual reproduction" on the board then turns around to face the class. In the next shot "sexual reproduction" is missing. (00:24:20)

Joel Gordon

Correction: She is standing in front of a different part of the board - there are two different posters and she writes in between them, then stands off to the left. You can see "sexual reproduction" still on the board when Billy Bob comes back and walks past the board.

Correction: It is the commentator, not Billy Bob that is saying this.

Corrected entry: When Billy Bob is shooting the trophies out of the back of his truck, he cocks the gun, fires it, cocks it, and talks, then he cocks it again, shoots it, cocks it, talks, cocks it,'s kinda funny, wouldn't he be ejecting live shells every other one?

Correction: Yes he would be, but this is a character decision made by a person undergoing lots of emotional stress at the time. Not classified as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Lance goes down injured, at the hospital his dad says something about Lances scholarship to Florida State. In Texas, high school football players may not sign any scholarship offers to play college football until after the season is over.

Correction: He may not have signed it, but he was probably guaranteed it by the college.

Corrected entry: In the part where he just wins the second game he played, and is interviewed after the game, his girlfriend throws the poster of "Mox is a fox" at his face and it goes on the floor. In the next scene he throws it again, saying "it's a trip".

Correction: Mox's girlfriend hits him with the streamer that she tore off the side of the car and wadded up. Mox throws the "Mox Is A Fox" sign.

Corrected entry: Tweeder's numbers on his football jersey change throughout the film from 81 to 82.

Correction: That is a common practice among high school sports. Many times players have different numbers at home and away games.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Mox says he never played football again, but the game they just won was only a division game, there would still be a state championship game. (01:39:35)

Correction: Not a mistake. This could be a true statement: Mox skipped the state championship. I don't think high-school football rules state all players MUST play in the championship if they won the division.


Factual error: Right after Lance gets hurt and Mox replaces him Mox's first play is a 40 yard pass for a first down after which everyone starts yelling he needs to stop the clock and the camera shows the clock moving. The problem is that in high school football the clock stops on first downs while they reset the chains so the clock should have stopped running until the first down markers were moved and the ref set the ball.

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Mo Moxon: Kyle, did you start a cult?
Kyle: Yup.
Mo Moxon: That is so sweet.

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Trivia: In March of 1999 the University of Toronto won an undisclosed amount of money from Paramount Pictures as the result of a lawsuit for its unauthorized use of the trademarked name "Varsity Blues". U of T's intercollegiate sports teams have been known as the Varsity Blues for over a century and the university has had the name trademarked since the mid-1980s.

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Question: Can someone tell me why Ms. Davis is a stripper? She surely makes enough as a teacher so why is she a stripper?


Answer: Actually, in the United States public school teachers do not make very much money. While it is unusual for a school teacher to be an exotic dancer (doing so would jeopardize your teaching job were it discovered), it is not uncommon for teachers to have a second job to help pay bills. Exotic dancers typically work nights and can make a good amount of money in tips, so it would be a good second job for a teacher provided you can keep it secret.


Thank you but I must disagree. I've read a book by Ann Coulter about teacher earnings, teacher awards, some were caught shopping at fine retailers during school hours, one social studies teacher who made around $42,000 a year had called in sick several times to pursue a career in pro wrestling.


Well, I'm a public school teacher of 20+ years, and many of my colleagues, including myself, have to work additional jobs in order to make ends meet, be it tutoring, working part time jobs, or working full time in the summer. This varies from district to district and with personal situations, of course, but teaching is hardly a job for people who like to 'shop at fine retailers.' Not that I'm accusing Ms. Coulter of having a political agenda and trying to claim that those odd examples are the norm.

Brian Katcher

Define "enough money"? Some cherry picked examples don't make a universal truth, and you say yourself that one teacher earning 42k had a second job. If you've got multiple children to feed or high rent or high medical bills or a parent to care for even a large salary isn't always enough. A book by a famously controversial (read: biased and hated) author doesn't mean people aren't allowed to have second jobs for whatever reason they deem fit.

Depends on the state. In 2018, schools in Oklahoma were shortened to a 4-day week so some teachers could get second jobs at Walmart to help make ends meet.

Phaneron Premium member

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