Varsity Blues

Football is followed with the passion of a religion in west Texas. The guys on the team are friends, and viewed as heros by most of the town. The star of the team, played by Paul Walker, has a recurring knee injury that the coach injects with cortizone regularly to keep him on the field. The injections catch up to him, and he has to quit. Mox, plasyed by James Van Der Beek, now takes the starring postion. He and the other players begin to get discouraged by the coaches determination and sometimes cruelity to have a perfect team. sometime

Continuity mistake: In the whipped cream bikini scene, when Mox pulls back from kissing the cheerleader he has whipped cream on his shirt. In the next shot it's not there.

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Billy Bob: It's a strip club, man. I'm here to work.

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Trivia: Darcy's whipped-cream "bikini" was actually made out of shaving cream because it held up better than whipped cream.

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