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Other mistake: The team is picking up Newman running down the street. He gets in the van through the back door and you hear the distinct slam of the car door. But if you watch closely the door is still open when the camera cuts to the next shot.

Factual error: After the explosive decompression of the JPATS B727, and the captain's initial recovery, he tells the crew, "Look at your charts... See if there is any airport we can make." The F/O looks right down at his reference and says there is "nothing close." Then the second officer is seen looking through his flight charts. Without skipping a beat, he replies that, "there is a road, 20miles ahead." Since they have lost two of three engines on the 727, the captain doesn't hesitate and commits to an emergency landing on, "this road." Also, at this very moment, the "road" in question is not even in sight. The problem with this entire situation is that there are no roads, highways, ETC on flight air charts. Above the clouds, no one in this cockpit would have had the slightest clue that there was a road below, its distance, width, etc. (00:20:20)


Continuity mistake: When the funeral cars enter the the cemetery the silver car they are watching has 3 small dents near the door handle as the car passes Tommy Lee Jones but when it stops the dents are gone.


Factual error: In the ending credits, the filming location Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee is misspelled "Realfoot".

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Visible crew/equipment: In a scene where Joe Pantoliano's character is inside a SUV waiting for the signal to follow a suspect, when he opens the door of the SUV, in its reflection you can see the cameraman and the soundman.

Continuity mistake: When Gerard is shot by the fugitive in the woods we see him land in the mud and he is laying in a certain position. Next time we see him he is in a different position and the next time after that he is laying the same way we saw him the first time.

Continuity mistake: When they are in the black caprice on the bridge it has no side spotlights, but when they get to the car to the cemetery it has side spotlights.

Continuity mistake: The morning after the plane crash Tommy Lee Jones is sitting on porch of the restaurant while his crew drives up, his pants are rolled up to his knees and he has no shoes on. He then walks inside and buys a T-shirt because he has no clothes. When they hear the FBI Helicopter and all walk back outside Tommy Lee Jones has new pants and shoes on.

Continuity mistake: After Newman is found shot, Deputy Gerard grabs his radio to call for help, however, he turned off his radio when he began the search of building for the fugitive and he never turns it back on. (01:43:00 - 01:46:00)


Plot hole: After the police arrest Roberts he's flagged for a federal warrant, but Lamb and Barrows don't show up to inquire about him until long after the plane crash. Shouldn't they have been there to pick Roberts up at the police station instead of being sent immediately to a federal penitentiary?


Other mistake: When Mark Sheridan is in the car before he boards the cargo ship, he looks at his girlfriend's passport. Her name is typed on the passport as Marie Rice, but if you look above it on the signature line, it is signed Mary Rice.

Continuity mistake: When Robert Downey Jr. shoots Wesley Snipes, at first the wound is in his arm, but then it's in his chest/shoulder.


Audio problem: When Noah and the rest of the gang are chasing the Chinese man, Noah is the only one on foot. He sees the Chinese man get in a cab and calls for backup. The rest of the gang arrives seconds later. As Noah gets into the SUV, the sound of the car door closing can be heard before it actually does close (and it never really does in that scene). (01:19:20)

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John Royce: I thought we didn't take our work personally.
Sam Gerard: We don't. I do.

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Question: In a scene of the film there are some expressionist portraits in a house. I would like to know who is the artist. Does anyone know?

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