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Corrected entry: It's perfectly legal for cops to hold suspects at gunpoint when making an arrest. So when Newman caught Royce holding Sheridan at gunpoint, he could've just taken him into custody and killed him later. Instead he does the stupidest thing possible, he shoots Newman, which also lets Sheridan escape.


Correction: Taking Sheridan into custody and killing him later would have looked incredibly suspicious. Royce is trying to stage the scene so it looks like he was forced to shoot Sheridan in self-defense. Shooting Newman isn't stupid at all, if anything it helps Royce's story as he can pin the shooting on Sheridan. He can't let Newman live at this point, he's planning on executing Sheridan and the second Newman walks into that room that plan would go awry unless Newman dies as well. The fact that Sheridan gets away is credited to his reflexes and skill, not to Royce's stupidity.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Wesley Snipes is arrested and being questioned, when he leans on the table to break the glasses, the lenses smash whilst he pulls one of the arms off, but later on when the man goes to put them on whilst reading in bed, the lenses are intact.

Correction: The lens never break, in fact, when the fall to the floor, both lenses are intact.


Corrected entry: After Tommy Lee Jones examines Robert Downey Jr's Glock in the hospital and replaces the full clip with an empty one, Downey Jr should have known from the gun's weight and balance that the clip was empty. A law enforcement clip usually holds 12 rounds, which made a considerable amount of difference to the weight of the gun.

Correction: Downey has only had the Glock since he killed Noah. Up until then he had been using his nickel plated weapon. He simply wasn't familiar with the weight of his new weapon.

Correction: TLJ didn't replace the magazine with an empty magazine. He put his mag in RDJ's Glock. And it's called a magazine, not a clip. Google "enbloc clip" for the correct usage of clip.

Corrected entry: The prisoner transport plane is supposedly going from Chicago to New York. While on the plane, one of the guards makes a comment about being only 20 minutes from landing (in New York). Later when the plane crashes they are within 20 miles of the Illinois/Kentucky border near North Central Kentucky, which makes no sense because 1) it is quite a trip to be only 20 minutes from New York and 2) why would the plane go a couple hundred miles south of Chicago before going east to NY, and then soon after Wesley Snipes is in Paducah, which is over a hundred miles away from North Central Kentucky.

Correction: The transport plane is going to Memphis first. One of the plane crew states that before the plane leaves Chicago.

Correction: You're correct about their first stop being Memphis after departing Chicago, but the interesting part is they crash in Johnson County, KY (as depicted by the patch on the Sherriff's uniforms) Which Johnson County, KY is in the far eastern KY. So the point stands, A. They're nowhere near the route between Chicago and Memphis and how does he get all the way across the state to where they should be - That being Paducah?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tommy Lee Jones goes back to Wesley Snipes' hospital room and finds Robert Downey Jr. about to execute Snipes, RDJ turns his gun on TLJ and pulls the trigger. We hear the click of the hammer dropping and, in frustration, RDJ pulls the trigger again, and again, we hear the hammer dropping on an empty chamber. Glock pistols are not able to be fired unless the slide moves all the way to the rear, so after the first shot, RDJ would have had to work the slide to be able to pull the trigger again. He didn't do that, though, so there should not have been a second click.

Correction: RDJ only pulls the trigger once. He then racks the slide and realizes that the Glock is not loaded.

Corrected entry: After the plane crash, the prisoners and the guards get into the water to swim to shore. It's obviously a bit of a swim, especially if you watch how long it takes for Gerard to get over. However, in the next scene there are overview shots, and the plane is much closer to land.

Correction: On the overhead shot on the next morning, you can see the mooring lines from the shore to the plane. By this time, the plane would have been pulled back closer to shore.

Corrected entry: One of the search scenes takes place in a mangrove swamp, supposedly in Kentucky. There are no such swamps in Kentucky.

Correction: There are similar such swamps in Kentucky. One is found in Graves County, Kentucky.

Corrected entry: When Wesley Snipes is escaping through what appears to be an old folks home he makes for the front door only to find Noah coming in. He shoots at him and breaks the glass in the doors. Later when the police arrive we see Noah at the doors and the glass appears to be intact.


Correction: Snipes shoots and breaks the glass to the left door closest to him and the outside right door. When the squad cars pull up and the officers rush in behind Newman, watch as one of the cops goes to grab the inside left door. His hand wraps around the part of the door where the glass should be and he would not be able to do this if the glass were still intact.

Corrected entry: When the Marshals follow the guy in the green cap into the cemetery we see him unlocking a white door and going inside a building. TLJ and another deputy sit and wait for him outside. When we see him exit you'll notice the door is now a brown wooden door.

Correction: He enters and leaves the building by different doors. The white door is on the side of the building at ground level, the brown door is at the front up some steps.

Corrected entry: The plane crashes, and Gerard and the other guards are fighting to get the prisoners out of the plane. Someone calls out for Gerard to leave the plane, as it is starting to sink, and you see the water level rise considerably. Gerard eventually leaves at least two of the prisoners behind, as there is no time to save them. In the next scene it is the following morning, and you see overview pictures of the crash site. The plane is up-side-down, but the water level isn't even near the planes windows. Not a chance that anyone would be at the risk of drowning in a few inches of water.

Correction: Thats because by the time morning comes around, the emergency services have discovered the crash site and have pulled the plane out of the water. I believe there is a crane holding the plane at this point.

manthabeat Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tommy Lee Jones has his gun brought to him in the restaurant, he checks the gun by pulling back the slide. However, rather than letting the slide go, he moves it down by hand. With a Glock, this could result in a jammed cartridge - a man of his characters experience would, first, realize that and second, want to reduce errors when chasing a dangerous fugitive.

Timmy O'Toole

Correction: Words like "this could result" and "want to reduce errors" are evident that its not a movie mistake but a character choice and at the most perhaps a character mistake. The way he loads his gun is his preferred method, maybe not the "correct" way but makes no difference.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Agent Royce is arrested by Gerard for hiding information, Royce opens the handcuffs, breaking Cosmo's dark glasses and using one of its arms to unlock it. In a later scene, on the plane crash site, you can see a shot where Cosmo's glasses are still intact.

Correction: Cosmo's glasses are not intact. If you look carefully you can see that the earpiece has been taped back on with white tape - the glasses had obviously (or not so obviously) been fixed between scenes.

Corrected entry: After the crash when the search is started, Gerard calls for a search of all counties south of the Alexander/Pulaski border. The crash site occurred in Pope county and neither Massac or Pope are mentioned in the search.

Correction: The assumption is that Wesley Snipes is already far enough from the crash site. If they start searching too close, he will have more time to escape.


Correction: What makes you think they crashed in Pope County? A. There isn't a Pope County in KY, and B. The Sherriff's uniforms show Johnson County, KY which is an actual county in KY but on the wrong side of the state.

Corrected entry: After the plane crashes into the river, and they show Tommy Lee Jones and the agents checking the condition of the prisoners, don't you think they would check to see if the pilot, co-pilot and engineer are still alive? They might have survived since the front end, where the cockpit is, is still well above the water.

Correction: We don't see all of the agents after the crash. Some of them could have checked on the air crew. Additionally, the crew could have their own procedure for escaping the cockpit after a crash.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gerard asks Robert Downey Jr about getting the tapes from the UN security camera, look at RDJ's desk. One minute the laptop's there, and there's some paper in a neat pile. Next, the laptop is gone, and the paper is spread out.

Correction: It's an L-shape desk - when the laptop is in the frame there is a window behind it and to RDJ's right. When it is not in the frame the desk back is open to the room and in front of RDJ.

Corrected entry: From the plane crash scene: On touchdown, the pilots attempts to slow the plane are apparently restricted to pulling the parking brake and waiting for the plane to stop. However, commercial jets have thrust reversers and spoilers that should have been used in this situation and were not. Most also have anti-skid brakes (similar to a car's ABS system) that would be far more effective than using the parking brake. A Boeing 727 has excellent short-field landing characteristics and should be able to come to a stop much faster than depicted in the movie.

Correction: Short-field landing characteristics or not, within 10 seconds of the aircraft landing on the roadway (different surface texture than a runway) it clipped the series of telegraph poles and seriously damaged the aircraft which ultimately led its demise. Its likely other systems were damaged, and put simply, an aircraft of that size could NOT have stopped before the telegraph poles.

Corrected entry: As the plane is overturned in the swamp the marshals go to retrieve their guns from the compartment, yet the guns are right side up, they wouldn't be if the plane overturned.

Correction: The guns were stored with the barrels pointed down,so when the plane rolled,the were pointing up when they were removed. its not uncommon to store a gun with the barrel pointing down and lots of gun cabinets are manufactured so the gun is stored that way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the plane crashes and goes sliding down a hill, it seems to be sliding at a fast pace for a couple of minutes. When the plane is stopped at the bottom of the hill and the camera focuses on the actors walking away from the scene, you can see in the background that the hill can be no taller than 20-30 feet which should only take a matter of seconds to slide.

Correction: The plane movies fairly slowly down the hill, and it only seems like it took minutes because they switched back and forth between the plane and the people on board. Story-wise it only took a few seconds for the plane to slide down, the two different shots were happening at the same time.

Corrected entry: When in the hospital Tommy Lee Jones asks to see Robert Downey's Glock. While looking at it he removes the full magazine, and replaces it with an empty one. In the next scene when Downey pulls his gun to shoot Jones it just clicks as if empty. What about the round that was still in the chamber? Jones never cleared the chamber in the prior scene.

All law enforcement officers carry a weapon with a round in the chamber - it's proper procedure as they never have time to chamber a round to fire their weapon.


This is evidenced by the fact that Downey pulled the trigger, thinking himself that there was a round in the chamber.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wesley Snipes is jumping over the fence, watch what falls out of his pocket. It looks to be like the passports that he had put in only moments before. And he doesn't pick them up. Yet later on in the movie, he has them.

Correction: He actually does pick them (or at least something) from the ground right after he's jumped over the fence. It happens quite quickly but it's visible.

Continuity mistake: Jones is following the guy with the green cap in a yellow cab into the graveyard. For one shot the hubcaps on the cab are missing. The next shot they are back.

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Cosmo Renfro: Sam.
Sam Gerard: Cosmo.
Cosmo Renfro: We're still at the Chinese Consulate. No sign of Chen since he went in.
Sam Gerard: Get the N.Y.P.D. on him. I want you and Royce here at Queens Hills Cemetery.
Cosmo Renfro: Where the hell is Queens Hills Cemetery?
Sam Gerard: Ask a cop.

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Question: In a scene of the film there are some expressionist portraits in a house. I would like to know who is the artist. Does anyone know?


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