U.S. Marshals

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are talking to Snipes girlfriend. Downey says he killed them with his bare hands and shows her a picture of a guy shot twice in the chest.

Continuity mistake: Jones is following the guy with the green cap in a yellow cab into the graveyard. For one shot the hubcaps on the cab are missing. The next shot they are back.

Continuity mistake: During the shootout at the cemetery, when the Chinese sniper on the roof rushes to a new sniping position and takes aim, in the next shot when he is firing, the rifle has swapped from his left shoulder to his right.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the cemetery, Snipe's girlfriend arrives in a 1995-1997 model black Lincoln Town Car. When they begin to escape the cemetery & the back window is shot out, that car is a 1990-1994 model Lincoln Town Car. As the car speeds through the cemetery it returns to a 1995-1997 model. When it then crashes with the Suburban at the cemetery entrance it has once again turned into a 1990-1994 model.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tommy and Wesley fall into the grain hold in the ship, the bulk grains flow into a container, in this case the ship's 'hold' and their surface is perfectly smooth from top to bottom. Watch for the incredible number of 'dents' in the smooth surface ('footprints' from previous takes) when the shot changes to Wesley and Tommy fighting, after the flow of grain is turned off. (They've been fighting from the top of the pile down, it occupies roughly the bottom 50% of the screen.)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Robert Downey, Jr. is accosting Wesley Snipes, in the hospital, Rob rips the EKG leads off of Wes' chest and the monitor goes to asystole (the flatline tone). Then after Tommy Lee Jones dispatches Rob and turns to talk to Wes, you can hear a normal sinus rhythm on the monitor.

Continuity mistake: When Wesley Snipes' getaway car is fleeing the cemetery, and the back window is shot out, the breakage is confined to the centre of the window in one shot, but in the next shot, nearly the whole window is suddenly gone.

Continuity mistake: When TLJ meets RDJ for the first time TLJ takes RDJ gun. He then hands it back, and from 3 different shots we see RDJ open his jacket to put away the gun 3 times

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Wesley Snipes jumps off the building on to the moving train. When he is sitting on top of the train, an aeroplane in visible in the background. The shot changes to show Tommy Lee Jones looking annoyed and then changes back to Wesley Snipes. The plane is away and not enough time has passed for the plane to have flown away.

Continuity mistake: When Wesley Snipes makes the truck rush the roadblock, one of the deputies is not in the patrol car. That car is pushed quite a distance, before it rolls down an embankment on the far side of the bridge, but somehow the deputy not in the car manages to reach his partner in the car nearly straight away and help him out. He must be some runner to be able to get that distance so fast.

Continuity mistake: When the green Suburban is going to the graveyard, watch the rims, as the scene changes from the Suburban to the graveyard, the rims (on the green Suburban's wheels) continually change from Chevy rims to GMC rims.

Continuity mistake: When the funeral cars enter the the cemetery the silver car they are watching has 3 small dents near the door handle as the car passes Tommy Lee Jones but when it stops the dents are gone.

Continuity mistake: When Gerard is shot by the fugitive in the woods we see him land in the mud and he is laying in a certain position. Next time we see him he is in a different position and the next time after that he is laying the same way we saw him the first time.

Continuity mistake: When they are in the black caprice on the bridge it has no side spotlights, but when they get to the car to the cemetery it has side spotlights.

Continuity mistake: The morning after the plane crash Tommy Lee Jones is sitting on porch of the restaurant while his crew drives up, his pants are rolled up to his knees and he has no shoes on. He then walks inside and buys a T-shirt because he has no clothes. When they hear the FBI Helicopter and all walk back outside Tommy Lee Jones has new pants and shoes on.

Continuity mistake: After Newman is found shot, Deputy Gerard grabs his radio to call for help, however, he turned off his radio when he began the search of building for the fugitive and he never turns it back on. (01:43:00 - 01:46:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are talking to Snipes girlfriend. Downey says he killed them with his bare hands and shows her a picture of a guy shot twice in the chest.

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John Royce: I thought we didn't take our work personally.
Sam Gerard: We don't. I do.

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Question: In a scene of the film there are some expressionist portraits in a house. I would like to know who is the artist. Does anyone know?


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