U.S. Marshals

Factual error: During the plane crash scene, the vertical stabilizer snags a hydro line, which rips it off. There is no way that the tail of a commercial jet would be so fragile. It is far more likely that the lines would snap.

Factual error: After the explosive decompression of the JPATS B727, and the captain's initial recovery, he tells the crew, "Look at your charts... See if there is any airport we can make." The F/O looks right down at his reference and says there is "nothing close." Then the second officer is seen looking through his flight charts. Without skipping a beat, he replies that, "there is a road, 20miles ahead." Since they have lost two of three engines on the 727, the captain doesn't hesitate and commits to an emergency landing on, "this road." Also, at this very moment, the "road" in question is not even in sight. The problem with this entire situation is that there are no roads, highways, ETC on flight air charts. Above the clouds, no one in this cockpit would have had the slightest clue that there was a road below, its distance, width, etc. (00:20:20)


Factual error: In the ending credits, the filming location Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee is misspelled "Realfoot".

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Continuity mistake: Jones is following the guy with the green cap in a yellow cab into the graveyard. For one shot the hubcaps on the cab are missing. The next shot they are back.

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John Royce: I thought we didn't take our work personally.
Sam Gerard: We don't. I do.

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Question: In a scene of the film there are some expressionist portraits in a house. I would like to know who is the artist. Does anyone know?


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