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Corrected entry: When the toys watch the old "Woody's Roundup" show, the dynamite fuse gets longer in between shots of Jesse and Prospector in the mines.

Correction: Whats shown is a show from the 1950's, when production values weren't quite so high - this is mistake within the world of the movie, and not necessarily a mistake by the filmmakers.

Corrected entry: When Al dropped the cheese puffs, they wouldn't have spread across the room like that, most would have stayed under the bowl. (00:32:50)

Correction: Since we don't actually see him drop the bowl, there is no way to know how it should have landed.

Correction: Knowing Al, he probably dropped some before, and just didn't bother to clean them up, this is not just one spill.


Corrected entry: When Woody is talking to Bo Peep at the very end of the movie, you can see that there is a calendar and a lamp to the left of the window. They have magically disappeared by the time Wheezy launches into his song. (01:23:35)

Correction: They are both still there when Wheezy goes near the desk. Even in the mid-range shot you can see the corner of the calendar to the left of Bo Peep.

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Corrected entry: When the toys first enter the Pizza Planet truck to chase after Al, you can see that the glove box is already open, but then later during the chase it pops open (no bouncing of it involved, it opens with a full "click") and spills its contents on Hamm.

Correction: The glove box is on the right of the car and it's closed when they get in. What you see when they get in are some open compartments next to the steering wheel with maps, papers, junk etc. Later on in the scene the actual glove box opens on Hamm.

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Corrected entry: When Al is asleep on the couch holding the bowl of cheese puffs, before he drops the bowl only his thumb and middle finger are orange, then after he drops it and you see his hand hanging there all his fingers are orange. (00:32:35)

Correction: All the fingers are orange. Before he drops the bowl you can only see three of his fingers (including his thumb) and all are orange. Even in slow motion you can see the other two fingers are orange on the inside of his hand.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the toys are crossing the road, the traffic lights are facing towards the screen, but the cars actually are coming from the other side. This is not possible unless the traffic rules have changed.

Correction: It is a standard, regular, cross-intersection where opposite (facing) lines of traffic are allowed to proceed at the same time. The position of the camera would be the same as someone, not in the speeding traffic we see, but in a lane facing those cars, allowed to proceed at that same time.

Corrected entry: Although Mrs. Potato Head packs him his "angry eyes", it has already been proven that he can make his existing eyes angry.(In Toy Story, they show a close up of Mr. Potato Head's eyes as he is accusing Woody.)

Correction: It doesn't matter that he doesn't need them, Mr Potato Head's over-protective wife packs them "just in case".

Corrected entry: When Woody's arm is cut while playing with Andy before Andy leaves for camp, Woody's arm is not movable. However, near the end of the movie in the baggage ports when Woody and Stinky Pete are fighting, Stinky Pete cuts the same arm that Woody cut before but Woody still continues to have use of the arm afterwards.

Correction: Like in real life, some injuries are more severe than others. The one Stinky Pete gave Woody was considerably smaller than the one Andy gave Woody.

Corrected entry: Typically when any manufacturer makes the star of the show more are made and if Woody was the star he would have most likely been the easiest to find, it's the secondary characters that are the hardest to find because children all want the hero character and it was obviously popular because of the sponsorship and all the other merchandise.

Correction: Al could have found only worn, damaged ones with a missing hat. So many kids would buy one, but subsequently lose the hat or damage it from rough play. Andy kept his in good condition though, didn't he?

Corrected entry: Woody discovers Wheezy the penguin underneath a book on the top shelf. However, when Andy's mom first puts Woody up on the shelf, you can clearly see underneath that book and there is nothing there.

Correction: When she FIRST puts him up there. He's on the shelf long enough to be covered with dust. Anyone could have put the book up there in the meantime.

Corrected entry: When Buzz is flying around in the beginning there are rocks suspended in the air in Zero gravity. When he switches off his rocket, he lands under the influence of gravity.

Correction: The scene takes place in a video game within the movie. The video-game developer, just like many of those in real life, may not feel bound by physical laws.

According to IMDb, this was an editing mistake, but John Lasseter opted to leave it in the film.

Corrected entry: When the guy from Al's Toy Barn steals Woody from the yard sale and Buzz is chasing him the car the guy is driving is blue but when he enters the city the car is yellow.

Correction: The car is actually aqua, or bluish-green. It changes color frequently from light blue to a greenish tinge to a slight yellow during the film depending on the color and brightness and direction of the light that strikes it, exactly as a real car that color would do. Mostly, however, it remains bluish-green.

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Corrected entry: There is a massive car accident in the middle of downtown. This happens when the Toys are crossing the street to get to Al's Toy Barn. The toys are only in the store for a short time. When they leave the store, The accident is all cleared. An accident of the scope shown in the movie would take all day to clean up.

Correction: The toys arrive at the store very early in the morning (the store isn't open for business yet, and the Cleaner, who was told to show up "first thing in the morning", hasn't arrived at Al's apartment yet). By the time the toys leave the store, the color of the lighting, the increase in general ambient light, and the positioning of the shadows indicate that it's much later in the day. Much of the time spent searching for Woody (and the time the Cleaner spent fixing Woody up) was time-compressed - a common filmmaking technique.

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Corrected entry: When Woody kicks the record player up to "78", the stylus moves far across the record, yet the song continues uninterrupted.

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Correction: The song does not continue "uninterrupted". The instant the needle jumps to the new groove, the music shifts to the instrumental theme from the beginning of the song - which is right where it should be since the stylus moved further out on the record. You can easily hear the scratching sound that it makes as it skips to the new location.

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Corrected entry: In the first movie, Andy's mom is a brunette with long hair. In the second movie, she has short blond hair. Even if she cut and dyed her hair, her face appears entirely different between both movies.

Correction: Her hair IS cut and dyed, as is evidenced by the fact that you can still see the dark roots showing. As for her facial features, that's a matter of personal opinion. The structure and shape looks identical to me. It's likely that the different hairstyle makes the face APPEAR different; this is a common phenomenon that hairdressers use to their advantage.

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Corrected entry: Do you really think the Super Nintendo could generate a fully 3D alien terrain, a steel shaft with dazzling light effects, and a tall steel tower for a Buzz Lightyear video game?

Correction: No, but the idea is that the first-time viewer thinks the movie begins with Buzz's quest actually happening, hence the "shock" of seeing him killed at the start of the movie. A more realistic videogame picture would have given the game away too soon.

Corrected entry: In the first film Mr. Potato Head has no compartment to put his accessories in, but in the second film, he has one.

Correction: They didn't show the compartment in the first one.

Corrected entry: When Woody tries to retrieve his arm from Al, the TV 'magically' turns on, Al wakes up and jumps out of his couch, but wouldn't we hear some crunching because he just jumped on a lot of cheese puffs?

Correction: The cheese puffs breaking are really a very quiet sound; they only sound loud when there's no other sound around, such as when Woody is sneaking. Whe Al wakes up, there's Al clumping around plus the noise of the video that woke him, and it's unlikely that some cheese puffs breaking would be heard over that.

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Corrected entry: It would be impossible for just one of Mr. Potato Head's feet to be stuck in the gum(in the street crossing scene). Feet for Mr. Potato head are made in one piece, as shown when he tries to put on his "angry eyes."

Correction: If you look closely, Mr Potato Head's feet are always separate during the movie - when he puts them on after they enter Al's apartment, he uses both hands, one either side... This is just one of the many compromises the film-makers had to make to ensure reasonable movement of the characters. He couldn't have walked at all with joined-up feet.

Corrected entry: On the Prospector's box in the upper right, it says he can say 9 different things by pulling his pull-string. Funny thing is, he doesn't have one.

Correction: Sure he does. The white ring is visible every time we get a rear view.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when the 'false' Buzz Light Year is running along the air conditioning ducts his 'New Utility Belt' disappears then reappears again. (01:01:55)

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Buzz Lightyear: I'll never give in. You killed my father!
Emperor Zurg: No, Buzz. I *am* your father!

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Trivia: The voice of the Evil Emperor Zurg is Pixar director/screen-writer Andrew Stanton, who frequently voices minor characters in Pixar's films.

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