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Corrected entry: In this movie, Woody's horse's name is Bullseye. But in the first movie, when Woody gets his pull-string caught on the stair-railing in Sid's house, you can hear him call his horse "Thunder."

Correction: He says "partner" not thunder.

Correction: Pointing out continuity between a film and its sequel is not trivia.

Corrected entry: When Rex tells Buzz 2 about how to defeat Zurg, Buzz makes 'notes' on his "computer" on his arm, and it starts to make beeping noises. It is really a sticker and therefore shouldn't be making any beeping noises.

Correction: It was a sticker on the original Buzz Lightyear. Remember that this is an updated version, they may have added beeping noises when the computer panel is pressed.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Within the first opening minutes of Toy Story 2, when Andy is playing with the toys before he has to leave for Cowboy Camp, Andy uses RC's remote to get RC to knock down Pig. Though in Toy Story 1, at the end of the movie when RC's batteries die, Woody throws the remote down, not picking it back up after he lights the rocket. Therefore Andy wouldn't be able to use RC again because he doesn't have the remote anymore.


Correction: It's seen that Andy labels his toys and the truck hasn't left Andy's neighborhood. Someone who knows they are moving could have found it and called his mom and returned it before they left the city or mailed it to them. Its a bit of a reach, but since the remote is there in the sequel, not impossible.

Grumpy Scot

Or they just bought a new one.

Correction: It's a different controller. The colors on it are slightly different from the ones in the first film. A lot of remote control cars run on the same frequencies allowing multiple controllers to work on them.

Corrected entry: Before Emily and Jessie fall into the pile of leaves, you can see Emily's face. She has a little boy face -- Andy's face.

Correction: Facial features do not define gender. Little boys are often mistaken for little girls (and vice versa). Heck, sometimes adult men are mistaken for adult women. And some people look alike.

JC Fernandez

Correction: A possible explanation, born from fan theories: Emily is Andy's mom, that's why their faces look similar as children.

Corrected entry: When Woody is watching the "Woody's Roundup" movie, you can see the strings used to control the characters.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the toys are in the pet carrier at the airport, they pick the pet carrier up slightly and walk. They never remove the bottom, and I've never seen a pet carrier without one.

Correction: But I have seen a pet cage with holes in the floor.

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Corrected entry: When the toys are on the top of the elevator, they get off at a vent on the 23rd floor. When they reach the other end of the vent, they are near the floor of Al's apartment. For the top of the elevator to be on the bottom of the 23rd floor, it would have to be going to the 22nd floor. This is not the case because the toys get back on the top of the elevator later as Al gets in on the 23rd floor.

Correction: If they entered a vent near the ceiling, and the venting angled or turned downward, they would come out near the floor. This is what must have happened.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scene the toys are crossing the road to Al's Toy Barn the traffic light changes too fast. As soon as it hits red on one side it'll go to green instantly for the opposite lane of traffic. It does this a couple times during the scene. In reality there should be a 3 or 4 second delay between red to green changes. (00:37:20)

Correction: There is no rule or law that lights have to wait a few seconds to change to green after one has turned red. Some lights in real life do change instantly as it adds up to too much time waiting to change, but not every light will wait a few seconds before changing.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Pete and Woody are fighting on the conveyor belt in the airport the word "ANDY" can be seen on his foot. This is after the cleaner painted over it.

Correction: During the song that TV Woody plays/sings before the mentioned scene, the real woody scratches off most of the paint. This makes Andy's name visible again.

Susan Kirk

Corrected entry: When Hamm is flipping through the channels,you see the clown similar to the one on the Twisted Metal games showing his middle finger. I wonder how they got that in a G-rated movie....

Correction: If you pause a DVD you can see that the clown in not giving you the bird. What you may mistake as his middle finger is really the bottom half of his eye.

Corrected entry: When Al dropped the cheese puffs, they wouldn't have spread across the room like that, most would have stayed under the bowl. (00:32:50)

Correction: Since we don't actually see him drop the bowl, there is no way to know how it should have landed.

Correction: Knowing Al, he probably dropped some before, and just didn't bother to clean them up, this is not just one spill.


Corrected entry: When Woody is talking to Bo Peep at the very end of the movie, you can see that there is a calendar and a lamp to the left of the window. They have magically disappeared by the time Wheezy launches into his song. (01:23:35)

Correction: They are both still there when Wheezy goes near the desk. Even in the mid-range shot you can see the corner of the calendar to the left of Bo Peep.

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Corrected entry: When the toys first enter the Pizza Planet truck to chase after Al, you can see that the glove box is already open, but then later during the chase it pops open (no bouncing of it involved, it opens with a full "click") and spills its contents on Hamm.

Correction: The glove box is on the right of the car and it's closed when they get in. What you see when they get in are some open compartments next to the steering wheel with maps, papers, junk etc. Later on in the scene the actual glove box opens on Hamm.

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Corrected entry: When Al is asleep on the couch holding the bowl of cheese puffs, before he drops the bowl only his thumb and middle finger are orange, then after he drops it and you see his hand hanging there all his fingers are orange. (00:32:35)

Correction: All the fingers are orange. Before he drops the bowl you can only see three of his fingers (including his thumb) and all are orange. Even in slow motion you can see the other two fingers are orange on the inside of his hand.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the toys are crossing the road, the traffic lights are facing towards the screen, but the cars actually are coming from the other side. This is not possible unless the traffic rules have changed.

Correction: It is a standard, regular, cross-intersection where opposite (facing) lines of traffic are allowed to proceed at the same time. The position of the camera would be the same as someone, not in the speeding traffic we see, but in a lane facing those cars, allowed to proceed at that same time.

Corrected entry: Although Mrs. Potato Head packs him his "angry eyes", it has already been proven that he can make his existing eyes angry.(In Toy Story, they show a close up of Mr. Potato Head's eyes as he is accusing Woody.)

Correction: It doesn't matter that he doesn't need them, Mr Potato Head's over-protective wife packs them "just in case".

Corrected entry: When Buzz is flying around in the beginning there are rocks suspended in the air in Zero gravity. When he switches off his rocket, he lands under the influence of gravity.

Correction: The scene takes place in a video game within the movie. The video-game developer, just like many of those in real life, may not feel bound by physical laws.

According to IMDb, this was an editing mistake, but John Lasseter opted to leave it in the film.

Corrected entry: There is a massive car accident in the middle of downtown. This happens when the Toys are crossing the street to get to Al's Toy Barn. The toys are only in the store for a short time. When they leave the store, The accident is all cleared. An accident of the scope shown in the movie would take all day to clean up.

Correction: The toys arrive at the store very early in the morning (the store isn't open for business yet, and the Cleaner, who was told to show up "first thing in the morning", hasn't arrived at Al's apartment yet). By the time the toys leave the store, the color of the lighting, the increase in general ambient light, and the positioning of the shadows indicate that it's much later in the day. Much of the time spent searching for Woody (and the time the Cleaner spent fixing Woody up) was time-compressed - a common filmmaking technique.

Phil C.

Correction: The song does not continue "uninterrupted". The instant the needle jumps to the new groove, the music shifts to the instrumental theme from the beginning of the song - which is right where it should be since the stylus moved further out on the record. You can easily hear the scratching sound that it makes as it skips to the new location.

Phil C.

Toy Story 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the characters are crossing the street to get to the toy store, Mr. Potato Head gets his foot stuck on some gum. From the first angle, the gum is at the half way point of the rolling cement drainage pipe. When he barely escapes, the gum is near the lip of the pipe, a foot or so from the end. As the gum sticks to the passing pipe, it appears to be half way between those two points. (00:38:15)

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Andy: You must choose, Sheriff Woody. How shall she die? Shark, or death by monkeys?

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Trivia: The voice of the Evil Emperor Zurg is Pixar director/screen-writer Andrew Stanton, who frequently voices minor characters in Pixar's films.

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Question: During the introduction to Woody's Roundup, as Woody watches himself come through the swinging saloon doors, the area around his holster appears blurry. Was this in keeping with the degraded quality of the tape footage, or is this censorship of a gun?

Answer: It isn't Woody's holster that's blurred, it's his hand. And yes, the blurred effect is due to the video tape's degeneration.

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