The Terminator

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kyle is fighting the future battle and he jumps into the armored car, the "plasma weapon" on the back of the car is a US Army M2 .50 caliber machine gun. It's a great weapon that's been in use since 1940 and still does good work, but how would you modify it to shoot plasma bolts? And why not build an all-new plasma weapon? Military budgets must have really been cut back in the future.

Correction: We don't know how they would modify it, but the resistance also have plasma weapons, so presumably, it is possible to combine the two. They may not have had the equipment or materials to build an all new plasma weapon. They have to use what they've got. And, they don't have a military budget.

Corrected entry: When the Endoskeleton is blown up by a pipe bomb in the factory, if you play the scene in slow motion, you can see the chest plate going in one direction and the head going in another direction. Yet, in the next shot, the entire upper torso of the Endoskeleton is intact and chasing after Sarah. (01:35:31)

Correction: This is debatable. There is a piece that is similar in shape to the Terminator's head that bounces off a railing, but when the torso section falls to the ground moments later, the head still appears to be attached.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Sarah unnecessarily puts change into a payphone before dialling 911, typically a free call.

Correction: It's not unreasonable to believe that the stressed-out Sarah might have forgotten you don't need to insert change for this call. More a character mistake than a movie mistake.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: In one shot when Sarah and Kyle try to escape the Terminator in a large vehicle, the front tires burnout upon acceleration. The car is a large early 1980's luxury sedan, and therefore obviously rear-wheel drive.

Correction: Wrong. The car is a Cadillac Eldorado - front wheel drive.

Corrected entry: In both Terminator movies when you look into the future you see piles of broken bricks and skulls. Only skulls. What happened to the rest of their bodies?

Correction: There are other bones, most of them underneath, and if you look carefully you can see them in many scenes. The skulls are just lying on top.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: Obviously James Cameron didn't have the budget to realize his full vision for this movie as he did in T2. The appearance of the time travelers is generally consistent with T2, except we don't see the actual bubble. With Reese, we see a hole in the lightning pattern, but no actual bubble. So we know Cameron was after an effect similar to T2. In T2, the time displacement dissolves surrounding matter, and causes a dimple in the ground. Same in T3. But when Arnold first appears in the first film, the ground remains completely flat. And it's pretty clear from the body position he materialized on the ground and didn't fall from the sky, as Reese did.

Correction: Reese says that after he was sent back, the machine was destroyed, so that no one else could come - 'just him and me'. Obviously another time-travel machine was built later, but it could have had subtle differences / improvements so that the method of arrival was altered slightly.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kyle and his female consort take down the HK tank (2nd future war segment) there's something which confuses me: Kyle, being the intelligent soldier that he is, crouches and waits until the HK is looking the other way before throwing his grenade at it. The female soldier however remains standing in plain view of everyone and doesn't throw hers until the HK's head is looking directly at her (which of course results in her getting pulverised by laser fire). While she may not be as well trained a soldier as Kyle, common sense would dictate to anyone that attacking from a position where the enemy can both see you and hit you is just asking for it.

Correction: The novelization makes this clear. Ferro (the corporal who gets shot by the HK) slipped on the rubble as she armed her charge. She had to expose herself to the HK in order to get rid of the charge before it detonated in her hands.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Kyle escapes the department store he is not wearing a shirt, but in the next scene when he is following Sarah he is wearing a grey shirt and continues to wear it throughout the movie.

Correction: The scene where he's following Sarah actually takes place the next night. He had stolen a car by then, it's entirely possible he stole a shirt too.


Corrected entry: In all of the scenes leading up to when the Terminator crashes the police car into the wall, his hair is straight and parted on one side. After this crash in the remaining scenes, his hair is shorter and spiked. When did he have time to get a haircut, and why did he care about his physical appearance?

Correction: Part of his hair was burned off form the car Reese shot at in the Tech Noir alley. Look closely when he is about to punch through the windshield.

Corrected entry: Paul Winfield's character is Ed Traxler. Lance Henriksen's character name is given only as Vukovich, but when he starts telling the story about the Afghan during Reese's interrogation, Traxler grunts "Ed, shut up." A coincidence that these two detectives who work together are both named Ed, or a mistake?


Correction: Out of the 6 billion people in the world. I'm sure there are two people with there names as Ed working together on any job. It does also sound like Traxler actually says: "Hey! Shut up."

Corrected entry: How can John Conner be born if he has to send the soldier back to protect Sarah, when the soldier then becomes John Connor's father. Its a paradox, an endless loop that can't get started. What came first the chicken or the egg?

Correction: It's entirely possible that someone else was the father in the original timeline, but Kyle became the father and modified the timeline.


Corrected entry: During the 1st few minutes of the film, the future shows a Flying HK travelling through the air, look closely at it and you can see it "clip" through a large piece of foreground.

Correction: This cannot be true for the simple reason that the HKs were done with small-scale models, not CGI.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: This applies to both films - If only things surrounded by organic tissue can make it through the time machine, why not put some nifty weapons in wads of cheese! That why you'll be prepared. Of course, this only makes me wonder if the computers did that with the T-1000 in the next film. How else did a liquid metal item make its way through the time portal?

Correction: He says "living" tissue, not organic. Of course, that still means if they were desperate enough they could presumably cut open some sort of animal and send it through with a gun inside it before it dies, but that's a bit grim.

Corrected entry: In the motel when they're making those bombs, he tells Sarah to handle them very carefully, but when he's packing them up in the bag, he angrily throws each one individually into the bag.

Correction: Kyle knows they are stable enough to be manhandled, and knows what he is doing. Sarah has never handled explosives before, so tells her to be careful.

Or otherwise known as "do as I say, not as I do"

Ssiscool Premium member

Not at all. When he tells her "gently" it's when she's assembling them and the explosive is exposed. A simple spark could set one off. When he's shoving them into the bag they're fully assembled and can only be ignited by lighting the fuse. He was likely as careful during assembly as he asked her to be.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Kyle is looking for Sarah in the phone book, it lists two Sarah Connors and a Sarah J. Connor. When the Terminator and Sarah look up the name, there is a Sarah Connor, a Sarah Anne Connor and a Sarah J. Connor.

Correction: I watched the scene where Kyle is looking through the phone book, and the names are correct: "Connor, Sarah", "Connor, Sarah Anne" and "Connor, Sarah J".

Audio problem: When the Terminator breaks into the police station, he has an auto-shotgun in his left hand, and a machine gun in his right. Before he kills the power in the building, he comes to the end of a hall, points his shotgun through a doorway, and shoots. A machine gun sound is used for the blast, instead of a shotgun sound. (01:00:28)

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Kyle Reese: Listen! And understand. That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with! It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. EVER! Until you are dead!

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