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Corrected entry: Watch the third 'future flashback' sequence carefully, particularly any shots that show Kyle charging towards the Terminator firing that oversized plasma weapon. There are at least two instances where you can see plasma bolts going straight through Kyle's body and impacting behind him. (01:12:45)

Correction: The blasts were seen visibly partially missing him, not going through him. This can be noticed if you pause and play each frame.

Casual Person

Corrected entry: During the motel love scene, it constantly shows clips of Sarah and Kyle holding hands, yet in all the other shots you can see that they aren't.

Correction: This is a composite of clips, also known as a montage, where only bits and pieces are shown to mark the passing of time. No continuity mistakes are made because they are shown at different times of their entire love-making session. Each clip represents more time that has passed, as they obviously made love for more than 30 seconds, and showing the whole event is something not done in movies.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator first sees Kyle in the Blue Cadillac, he fires some shots at the car, one making a neat hole in the bootlid. This wouldn't be possible with the shotgun he was using as he simply wasn't close enough to create a hole that small and neat, it would more likely pepper the rear of the car as the shot spread.

Correction: It depends on the ammunition in the shotgun, if it was a solid bore round it would only make one hole, not all shot gun rounds are spread shots.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is chasing Sarah Conner in the semi truck, the Terminator rams a blue AMC Gremlin car. If you slow the shots down, you can see that the car is already badly damaged from the view the Terminator has before the truck hits it. Yet in the actual shot of the collision, the car is fine. Obviously there were some extra shots needed, but the car had already been hit for the shots that were supposed to precede its damage. (01:25:05)

Correction: If you need to slow the shot down, it doesn't count as a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Arnie is blasting everyone in the office of the police station, if you look at the shirt under his jacket, it changes from blue to black as he swings around

Correction: Not true. The office is very dark as the lights are out, especially at a couple of angles. His shirt is still blue, it just looks black.


Corrected entry: Reese's face is shaven/unshaven many times throughout the film. Compare his face where he falls asleep in the car to when Sarah is bandaging his wound. You'll see a BIG difference.

Correction: I see absolutely NO difference at all in the scenes you described, and I looked very closely. In both scenes he has roughly the same amount of noticeable growth all around his face.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminator, driving the police car, is chasing Sarah Connor and Reese in the Cadillac, just as Sarah yells "Reese." to warn him of the upcoming wall, Reese shoots the Terminator with a shotgun in the face. Just before striking the wall, the Terminator sticks his head out the side window to see the approaching wall and his face shows no damage at all. However, when next we see the Terminator, his left eye has been blown to bits and must be cut out (at the hotel).

Correction: Some damage is visible to his left cheek when he looks out - the rest of the damage was done when the car actually hit the wall.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is approaching the tanker's cab, he is limping (why?) on his right leg. But when he loses his skin, he limps on his left leg.

Correction: I just looked at this bit of the movie and when Terminator approaches tanker's cab, it's limping left leg and later it still limps left leg.

Corrected entry: In the second "future flash back" scene where Kyle battles the huge ground HK tank he tries to disable it by throwing a grenade at it. We see the grenade go under the HK's right wheel tread yet strangely in the next shot the left wheel tread explodes before the right one does.

Correction: Kyle's grenade falls under the right tread, which is also the side that explodes first (left side of the screen as we look at it.).

Corrected entry: Reese and the Terminator arrive in L.A. at 1:52 am on either Thursday May 12 (if the cop got the date right) or Friday May 13 (if the cop was still thinking it was Thursday night when he told Reese the date). When Sarah punches her time card at Big Boy, the date on the card is 5/19/84. It's pretty hard to believe Reese and the Terminator have just been hanging out for a week without doing anything yet.

Correction: The date '5/19/84' was the date that Sarah's pay period ended at work. It was not the date the film was set. Look next to the date on the slip to see this.

Corrected entry: Shortly after the cops discover that Sarah Connors are being killed, the press arrives at the police station. One of the reporters states that the women are being killed in the order they appear in the phone book. In the newsreport on the TV at the bar, the newscaster says the first victim was Sarah Ann Connor, and the second was Sarah Louise Connor. This is not consistent with the phone book, which lists, in order, Sarah Connor, Sarah Ann Connor and Sarah J Connor.

Correction: Wrong. The reporter says "2 hours ago, Sarah Ann Connor was pronounced dead at the scene... Sarah Louise Connor was killed earlier today..." So Sarah Louise Connor was killed first, which matches the order in the phonebook.

Corrected entry: In one shot when Sarah and Kyle try to escape the Terminator in a large vehicle, the front tires burnout upon acceleration. The car is a large early 1980's luxury sedan, and therefore obviously rear-wheel drive.

Correction: Wrong. The car is a Cadillac Eldorado - front wheel drive.

Corrected entry: What's up with those pipe bombs Reese makes? They seem to make nothing more then a puff of smoke and a loud bang when he's throwing them on the highway, but they can blow a huge cyborg made of powerful metal into a dozen pieces? Not likely.

Correction: Be as it may, any non-shrapnel explosive works better when put into target, not on top or on the side of something.


Corrected entry: When Kyle escapes the department store he is not wearing a shirt, but in the next scene when he is following Sarah he is wearing a grey shirt and continues to wear it throughout the movie.

Correction: The scene where he's following Sarah actually takes place the next night. He had stolen a car by then, it's entirely possible he stole a shirt too.


Corrected entry: During the 1st few minutes of the film, the future shows a Flying HK travelling through the air, look closely at it and you can see it "clip" through a large piece of foreground.

Correction: This cannot be true for the simple reason that the HKs were done with small-scale models, not CGI.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, when Kyle first arrives in 1984, he steals a homeless man's pants and cops chase after him for it. It is very unlikely that police would chase after a man with that kind of intensity simply for taking a homeless man's pants. The cops would have bigger priorities than that.


Correction: The cops are chasing Reese before they encounter the homeless (and pantless) man. Maybe to question him about the immense lightning and wanton destruction that had gone on in the alley just moments prior?


Corrected entry: Sarah Connor's time card at the restaurant gives her last name as Sarah ConnEr, with an E.

Correction: And my work has my name spelled wrong too after 18 months. It happens.

shortdanzr Premium member

Correction: No, it's spelled with an "or."


Corrected entry: When the Terminator "finishes off" Sara's girlfriend Ginger he stands over her and fires four or five rounds into her body. He shuts his eyes and flinches at every shot he fires. I would have thought the T would be a bit tough for this.

Correction: True, but seeing as the terminators are infiltrators who are designed to appear as human as possible, it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume that they would flinch at times when humans would, eg, when firing a weapon.

Corrected entry: The Terminator runs his finger down the phone book to look up the Sarah Connors. Why would a cyber with enhanced vision need to do this?

Correction: The Terminators are designed to appear and, more importantly, act, as human as possible. It would look very suspicious if he were to just open the book and pick the names out without using some means of keeping his place on the page.

I think is an overused cop out of the Terminator doing things a machine wouldn't need to do. First off, it would have to be programmed or somehow learn that's how humans look up names in a phonebook. Also, a lot of people can look up names in a phonebook without running their fingers down the page and nothing would be very suspicious if someone just opened it up and started looking for a name using just their eyes. It's done just for the audience.


Correction: He probably does not technically "need" to do this, but he also "wants" to get it right the first time (i.e, not make a mistake). The print in phone books are often quite small. So using a finger reinforces what the eyes are seeing. [The running of his finger down the page might be more for the audience to see what he is doing (looking for), but that wouldn't mean a terminator could not do it to facilitate speed and accuracy, too.].


The idea that a highly advanced machine with targeting systems, etc. needs to use its finger to help it read slightly small print which any human with 20/20 vision would have no problem with is a bit of a stretch. There's zero reason why with a futuristic CPU driving its every action it would need to validate what line it's reading with a finger. Hell, Google Lens on a smartphone can read a page of small text and accurately make the printed words machine readable, and it definitely doesn't need a finger's help to do that.

I wrote, "He probably does not technically 'need' to do this..." Need and want are two different things. Terminator 2 was more advanced. Did he need sunglasses?


It is possible that seeing so many Sarah Connors (as opposed to just the one he was looking for) caused a problem. If he was programmed to stop at Sarah Connors, using his finger enabled him to override the first and each successive one until he found the one (s) that looked most likely to be the correct Sarah Connors.


Corrected entry: The Terminator has state of the art visual tracking. This is obvious for many reasons including when we get glimpses of how it sees things by heat analysis or infrared. Most notably it even has a little cross-hairs targeting system. Why then does he need to get a gun with a laser sight?

Correction: The Terminator doesn't fire through his eyes. The cross-hairs must be there for the purpose of adjusting his eyesight (maybe measuring the distance). Not aiming weapons.

Correction: Two other possibilities: 1. The Terminator wanted the .45 longslide for its concealability and stopping power. The laser sight was just an unnecessary bonus that it didn't bother (or wasn't able) to remove. 2. Laser sights are often used for intimidation as well as accuracy. If the Terminator didn't need it to know where to shoot, it could definitely exploit the human tendency to freeze for a split second upon seeing the red dot on their person, providing the window it needed to make the kill.

But why would a Terminator need the target to freeze for a split-second to make the kill when he could make the kill when he lines the gun up?

Ssiscool Premium member

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Kyle Reese: Listen! And understand. That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with! It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. EVER! Until you are dead!

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Question: How exactly do both the Terminator and Kyle find addresses? We are led to believe that is the reason for the phone books, but none of the addresses in the phone books match up to the addresses where either the first Sarah is killed, nor the apartment of our Sarah.

Answer: My two cents: The T-800 Terminator does indeed, rip out the page of a phonebook for the address, but remember, he was looking for any and all Sarah Connors, not a specific address. He did not know which Sarah would give birth to John Connor, so by process of elimination he began terminating any woman with the name Sarah Connor. He did plug the first Sarah Connor (a housewife), then went to kill the other Sarah Connors in the phone book.


Answer: Kyle we are shown uses a police computer to find the addresses. The T800 just uses the phonebook as you mentioned. He rips the page out and takes it with him.

Ssiscool Premium member

Except 2 of the addresses in the phone book don't match. So how does the Terminator find them using the phonebook?


The Terminator is just blindly killing everyone in the phone book whose name is Sarah Connor (apparently a common name). Process of elimination. So, the day he arrives, unrelated women named Sarah Connor start dropping like flies, and the police believe it's the work of a serial killer. Our heroine Sarah Connor barely escapes this sweeping extermination by sheer luck and Kyle's intervention.

Charles Austin Miller

You just described the plot. Were you trying to answer the question? Because the question still stands. (As it is, it's either a mistake or plot hole in the film).


Perhaps I'm not getting the question. What is meant by "none of the addresses in the phone books match up"? Match up to what, the murder scene addresses? I wasn't aware that the murder scene addresses were prominently displayed.

Charles Austin Miller

Exactly. The addresses seen don't match. Specifically the first Sarah Connor's house number is "14239", but in the phonebook it is listed as "1823." And the real Sarah Connor lives in an apartment but the phonebook doesn't list an apartment number.


Perhaps though this all doesn't matter because phone books can quickly become outdated, the phone book he found could be over a year old. Someone moves but can still be listed in the phone book with their old address. He could have gone to the addresses but found someone else living there and then asked where the previous owner might be, and he was told (or he forced them). This might be how he found all the Sarah Connors.


Are any of the Sarah's listed as living at 1823? I've not got access to the film right now to check.

Ssiscool Premium member

The first is listed as "1823." The second is "2816." The 3rd is "309." Although after reviewing the scene and thinking about it, for "309" (which is supposedly our Sarah J Connor), the full address isn't actually seen and the apartment number could have been listed.


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