Superman II

Revealing mistake: When Superman launches the Eiffel elevator in space and he flies back to earth, a white rectangle surrounds him where his image was superimposed to achieve the flying effects. (The Ultimate Collector´s Edition Box Set).

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Revealing mistake: In Houston, when a man is thrown through a truck, notice the ground he falls on: The sand is leveled higher than the rest of the road around, obviously to hide a landing mat. Furthermore, after the fall the man turns around and he's got a bulgy square on the back to help for a safe stunt.

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Revealing mistake: When Superman grabs the antenna above the pram, part of the antenna disappears because of the blue screen effects.

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Revealing mistake: As Zod and crew blow people and objects down the street, it is obvious in some shots that they're all heading toward a painted studio wall.

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Revealing mistake: As Ursa slams the man's arm down, the section of the table their arms hit has been cut to make the stunt possible.

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Revealing mistake: As Non lifts the car to get the shotgun, the front of the undercarriage has a pile of dirt it, possibly to hide the lifting device.

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Revealing mistake: The Cosmonaut Zod meets first pulls at his supply line. As he does, if you look closely the black wire used to make the hose move is visible.

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Revealing mistake: As the astronaut that Ursa meets moves, the wires used to make him float are visible.

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Revealing mistake: In a close-up shot of the kid falling into the falls, one can notice the kid is just a dummy. Notice how his face is a lot paler than it was before. (00:39:35)

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Revealing mistake: The hole that Non and Superman go through is already patched, as it's a different colour from the rest of the pavement (either from previous takes or to allow the effect).

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Revealing mistake: During the Marlboro truck scene, Zod's stunt double has very noticeably longer, darker and bulkier hair, plus a thicker beard.

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Revealing mistake: After coming out of the Marlboro truck, Superman grabs Zod by his feet. When he sends him flying away, Zod's been replaced by an obvious doll.

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Revealing mistake: In the first scene when the villains are at the console, you can see Ursa's nose disappear, then reappear when Non walks behind her, then it disappears again. (01:44:30)


Revealing mistake: There are two times in the New York battle when you can see the actors are being filmed in front of a screen: 1. when Superman kicks Non, Superman in on film and Non is hovering in front of the screen. 2. When Ursa is flying towards Non and Superman with the flagpole, she is hovering in front of the screen.

Revealing mistake: When Non and Zod break in through the White House window, a black strap is seen attached to each one's body to help them descend safely.

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Revealing mistake: When Zod throws a man against the wall in East Houston, the man goes through the wall into a truck. Before he crashes against the truck, wires holding him are visible.

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Revealing mistake: During the Metropolis battle, after Non and Super go down through the pavement, Non is launched upwards thorough the concrete. Check the people around, specially the cop on the right. They are blatant toys (note the cop's weird arms), revealing it is all a miniature set.

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Revealing mistake: Before the villains change the faces on Mt. Rushmore, the original ones (which are a matte painting) have a greenish look. Definitely not like the real sculptures.

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Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the movie, we see the three villains in front of several backgrounds. In most of these backgrounds, their outlines are fuzzy, indicating that they are actually standing in front of a green screen.

Revealing mistake: When Zod jumps out of Perry's window he falls down, revealing its a stunt from a ground level window. The outside shots however, show Zod flying up and straight.

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Visible crew/equipment: Ursa throws the sewer lid at Superman sending him flying backwards into the car windshield. Watch the sewer lid carefully when Superman actually hits the windshield. You can see that the sewer lid was actually attached to a belt around his waist so that it would stay in place for the shots where he is flying backward through the air. (01:39:50)

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General Zod: Why do you say this to me, when you know that I will kill you for it?

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Trivia: Jack O'Halloran who played Non was a professional boxer between 1966 and 1974. He got as high a ranking as 5th in the world.

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Question: At the end of the movie when Clark and Lois are talking to each other at the Daily Planet, Clark kisses Lois and she forgets that Clark is really Superman. How could that happen and why would Clark make Lois forget that he is Superman, since she promised not to tell anyone?

Answer: Superman was be able to kiss Lois in such a way that the heightened emotion wiped out her memory of his identity. To answer your second question, even though Lois promised not to tell anyone, Superman decided he does not want even her to know his secret identity.

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Answer: I don't agree that he didn't even want her to know because he struggled in the beginning of the first movie with telling her on the first date. He was about to tell her from the beginning who he was. I don't understand why he was breaking it off with her at the end of the second movie and erased her memory to help her get over him. This confusion continues when he develops a relationship with another woman in the third or fourth movie.

At the end of the movie, he realises her love for him is torturing her, so he decided to remove the memories to end her suffering. It works, too, because as soon as she forgets, she's back to her old, happy self.

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Answer: I think people put too much emphasis on that kiss as some kind of power. Think about what happens when you kiss someone. You know the expression to suck face? He is slowly but unintentionally sucking the air out of her lungs. That is why she becomes dizzy and almost thanks. When the weed comes in she is finally starting to breathe normally the reason why people think that she forgot Superman a daddy at Clark, is because she asked a question what we talkin about. If you think about it logically, how would kissing her make her forget that information? I mean, if he kissed her too long could she possibly forget who she is?

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