Superman II

Revealing mistake: In a close-up shot of the kid falling into the falls, one can notice the kid is just a dummy. Notice how his face is a lot paler than it was before. (00:39:35)

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Revealing mistake: In the first confrontation between Superman and the Zod Squad, Superman gets chased out over the water. In the first two shots in this chase, if you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (at least in the letterboxed version) you can see the wake of the boat that they used to make these two pull-back shots. (01:34:40)

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Revealing mistake: The villains send cars flying through the air. This was achieved with detailed scale model cars in a scale model Metropolis. But in order to mimic the blown-away citizens they use cheap mannequins that move on some sort of conveyor belt. (01:43:50)

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Revealing mistake: In the first scene when the villains are at the console, you can see Ursa's nose disappear, then reappear when Non walks behind her, then it disappears again. (01:44:30)


Revealing mistake: In the final scene, Superman is returning the White House's flag to its rightful place, flying over the fountain on the lawn...which is frozen solid in place. Obviously a photo backdrop.

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Revealing mistake: When Zod lifts the boy's father with the beam of white energy, watch closely when he raises him up past the telephone pole...he 'clips' right through it, or rather the pole clips through him, as if he is transparent.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning, when Superman is flying to the Eiffel Tower, the last scene that shows him flying towards the tower, you can see the wire Christopher Reeve was attached to as he swoops down. The wire stretches all the way across as Superman glides down.

Revealing mistake: When Zod says to Ursa to "blow them a kiss my dear" to the helicopter that's firing on them watch as the helicopter is indeed a real military helicopter, then when it loses control it's an obvious model and just before it crashes into the house it's a full size helicopter again but is completely different from the first one that was originally shown.

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Revealing mistake: Inside the White House, Non throws a pillar at the soldiers. When it lands on the floor, it starts to move by itself like a puppet, revealing the whole structure was attached to a string.

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Revealing mistake: The fire that comes out of the flame throwers moves at a slow speed though the scene is developing at normal speed.

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Revealing mistake: After the Marlboro truck scene, Superman throws Zod and he goes through an office window. The harness to make him fly is visible on his back.

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Revealing mistake: When Ursa kicks the astronaut into space, she takes a step back and looks upwards. When this happens you can tell that the film is being shown at double speed. Also, when Clark spins the guy on the chair at the end of the film, he snaps back upright far too quickly.

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Suggested correction: Much too vague. What scenes are you referring to. And how can you tell, other than knowing that Gene Hackman isn't really bald?

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Revealing mistake: The 3 villains break through the Daily Planet window and fly around the city. Before Zod stops by a beam, Non becomes transparent.

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Revealing mistake: When Zod takes the rifle out of the cop's hand the strings moving the rifle are seen, each by the side of the cop's cowboy hat when the rifle turns red.

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Visible crew/equipment: Ursa throws the sewer lid at Superman sending him flying backwards into the car windshield. Watch the sewer lid carefully when Superman actually hits the windshield. You can see that the sewer lid was actually attached to a belt around his waist so that it would stay in place for the shots where he is flying backward through the air. (01:39:50)

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General Zod: Why do you say this to me, when you know that I will kill you for it?

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Trivia: Richard Donner, the director of Superman, was originally hired to make Superman II. He had made over half of the movie before being fired. Richard Lester was hired to complete the film. So, Superman II contains footage from both the Richard Donner version and the Richard Lester version.

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Question: How did Superman get his powers back? I don't understand what that green crystal did.

Answer: In the theatrical cut, nobody really knows why the green crystal restored his powers. However if you watch the Richard Donner cut, it is explained that the green crystal is a communication device that helps Superman talks to the residual essence/spirit/ghost of his father Jor-El. Before he died, Jor-El gave the crystal to his son. Jor-El anticipated that Kal-El might give up his powers, and he also anticipated that Zod might eventually escape the Phantom Zone, so Jor-El lets his son absorb the leftover energy of his spirit, thus restoring all his Kryptonian powers.

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