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Corrected entry: After defeating Poison Ivy, Batman states that they need to hurry and stop Mr. Freeze, yet he and his cohorts have the time to travel all the way back to the Batcave, change their clothes, and pick up new vehicles.

Correction: They had to get the proper gear to battle Mr. Freeze. Batman obviously knew that their normal gear would be insufficient to stop him, so they had to "hurry" to get properly equipped.


Corrected entry: When Alicia Silverstone is hacking Alfred's computer, she looks at a photo of her mom. When she first looks at it, it has no writing on it. She looks back at the computer and then back at the photo, but this time it is signed "Love Peg."

Correction: The picture that says "Love, Peg" is the one in Alfred's room. Barbara is not looking at it, she's remembering it.

Correction: Not a mistake. There are reports of dogs visciously attacking someone even after living with them happily for years.

Corrected entry: What kind of cruel prison is Arkham Asylum anyway? Mr. Freeze's life-sustaining "cold zone" in his cell is merely the size of his bed. Not only that, but this prison stores all the supervillains' equipment there as well?

Correction: First of all Arkham Asylum is a hospital/asylum for mental patients not a prison. It is not out of the realm of reasoning to think that they were not prepared to accept Freeze and his particular needs. So until they could provide the equipment to give him room to walk around he would have limited space. And the equipment is most likely there for the doctors/scientists to study.

Correction: She only studied in England, nobody said that she was born there.

Corrected entry: When we first see the picture of Alfred's sister Margaret, the picture is on the right of his computer. Later on, when Alicia Silverstone is trying to hack into his computer, it's on the left.

Correction: Because so much time has elapsed between these two shots, it is possible that either Alfred or Barbara moved the picture at some stage. Possibly one of them knocked it over and had to move it, or shifted it so that it wouldn't distract them, whatever the reason would be, the bottom line is we can't negate the possibility that the frame was moved for whatever reason, between the two scenes.

Corrected entry: When Alicia Silverstone is hacking into Alfred's computer she is asked to enter a password. Each time she enters on you can actually see what she is typing. In actuality, passwords will show up as a number of asterisks.

Correction: Not always true. Sometimes passwords can be shown in text. It depends on whoever made it, made it so it encrypts the password so when you type it, it becomes asterisks.

Corrected entry: Isn't it funny how Batman has gone through so many costume modifications in his movies, yet in the scene where Bain holds him off the ground and Ivy presses close, you can still see the holes that Catwoman made on his side in the second movie?

Correction: It cannot be the same suit that Batman wore when he fought Catwoman in Batman Returns. First, the Batsuit that Batman has on when he is fighting Bane has a giant black bat symbol across his chest, while the batsuit he wore when he was fighting Catwoman had a little yellow oval with a bat. Second, In Batman Forever, all but one batsuit (the new prototype that Batman invented) are destroyed when the Riddler blows up everything in the Batcave.

Corrected entry: The new Batmobile has no cockpit shield above it. Would it not be hard to drive that thing at its top speeds with the wind blowing in his face?

Correction: The aerodynamics of a car do not always require it to have a windshield. A few years ago, a prototype car was designed that had no windshield or roof and the aerodynamics of it caused the air to travel in a very predictable manner up and over the passenger compartments.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: As Poison Ivy is decorating her new hideout, she tells Bane that "It took God seven days to create Paradise." But in the Bible, it says it took God six days to create the Universe, and He rested on the seventh day. (00:58:20)

Correction: It is generally accepted that the seventh day counts, and so it took God seven days to create the Earth.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Alfred's niece is trying to open the disc of the Batcave, when she types in the name Margaret, you should hear 9 key taps including enter, but instead you hear 10.

Correction: Shift key and then M for a capital M in Margaret plus return equals 10 clicks.

Corrected entry: When Barbara is accessing the password in Alfred's files, the picture appears without dedication and after with dedication.

Correction: She's remembering two different pictures, her copy and her uncle's copy.

Correction: Actually in several interviews from around the time of the release of Batman and Robin. Arnold stated that the weight of the suit made it hard to work in.


Corrected entry: When she first appears, Poison Ivy says to the Dr. Woodrue that her skin was replaced with chlorophyll. But chlorophyll is the substance that makes the green in the plants. So, if Ivy's skin was replaced with chlorophyll, why it isn't green?

Correction: Presumably she meant her -blood- was replaced with chlorophyl, since hemoglobin is chemically similar to it. Alternately, this may simply be an example of a villian blustering to sound impressive.

She says her blood has been replaced with aloe and her skin replaced with chlorophyll.

Corrected entry: Poison Ivy's hair is red most of the movie. Yet once she's a patient in Arkham Asylum her hair suddenly looks like a shade of pink.


Correction: She became part-plant when she was "killed" and resurrected. That's how it's usually depicted in the comics and other media, and she even describes this process in a speech when she comes back to life in this film and kills the evil doctor who created her. She's stuck in a dark, dank prison cell without much sunlight (there seems to be only one small window and minimal light in her cell)... thus her body is becoming weaker, and her color (like her hair) is fading. Just like a flower would without enough sunlight for photosynthesis. Notice how she also looks overly frail and frazzled, unlike how energetic and vibrant she was earlier.


Revealing mistake: When Mr. Freeze knocks out the two guards after being released from the fridge, one of the guards falls against the fridge causing it to wobble. A big heavy fridge like that should not wobble. (00:55:30)


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Alfred: There is no defeat in death, Master Bruce. Victory comes in defending what we know is right while we still live.

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Chosen answer: Purely a creative decision, but based on the tone of this question I don't suppose you're honestly after an answer so much as you are just looking for someplace to express your distaste.


Because Schumacher wanted to base the suits on Greek sculptures hence the nipples. Don't forget Robin's shorts or Batman wearing different colored cowls in the comics, perhaps this was a nod to that.


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