Batman and Robin

Trivia: Ivy's hair color changes slightly during the movie. In the beginning, it was pure red. During the movie they dyed the wig with orange to get different looks.

Trivia: Sylvester Stallone tried to get the part of Mr. Freeze. When his agent couldn't get it for him, Stallone fired him.

Trivia: Director Joel Schumacher, feeling he had let down fans somewhat due to the film being so light-hearted and campy, wanted to direct another entry in the franchise that would be darker and more along the lines of the first two Tim Burton films. He expressed interest in pursuing a film following the character Scarecrow, which would also feature a return of Jack Nicholson's Joker from the original film. (In a dream-like role as a representation of Batman's fear due to Scarecrow's fear-toxins.) Schumacher also expressed interest in pursing an adaptation of "Year One" or "The Dark Knight Returns", again so he could give the fans a darker film closer to the comics. Eventually, the series was instead rebooted.

Trivia: This was the last major film that Jesse Ventura appeared (as one of the prison guards) until he was elected governor of Minnesota in 1998.


Trivia: Director Joel Schumacher stated that the producers demanded the film be "more toyetic"- a term he had never even heard of. When asked what they meant, he was informed that it meant the film should be able to easily be merchandised and made into toys, games and other tie-in products for children. It has also widely been reported that toy companies were brought in early in production, and given final approval over the designs used in the film, based on what would make for the best and most potentially profitable toys for children, to the dismay of the cast and crew.

Trivia: Val Kilmer was considered to play the make the role of Batman again but had a falling out with director Joel Schumacher, who later described him as "rude and inappropriate." They didn't speak to each other for 2 weeks during filming of Batman Forever as their relationship soured so badly.


Trivia: Dr. Jason Woodrue, who gives Bane and Poison Ivy their powers in this film is the Floronic Man in the DC comics.


Trivia: Portions of Elliot Goldenthal's musical score is actually recycled and slightly modified material from his score for "Demolition Man."

Trivia: Julie Madison was in the comics as the first girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, in DC comics #31 from 1939.


Trivia: Coolio, who has a cameo, was considered to play the role of the scarecrow in a possible sequel.


Trivia: During filming, George Clooney injured his lower leg playing basketball. The injury was so painful, Clooney could not wear his boots in the freeze rocket at the beginning. If you watch closely during this scene, Batman is limping.

Trivia: Arnold Schwarzenegger had to have heart surgery immediately after filming was completed. He could not find work for two years.

Trivia: This was the first original Batman film not to receive a single Academy Award nomination.

Revealing mistake: When Batman places the heaters around the telescope to thaw the ice, the frozen floor moves like plastic when he places the second heater. (01:45:00)


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Robin: I want a car! Chicks dig the car.
Batman: This is why Superman works alone.

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Chosen answer: Purely a creative decision, but based on the tone of this question I don't suppose you're honestly after an answer so much as you are just looking for someplace to express your distaste.

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Because Schumacher wanted to base the suits on Greek sculptures hence the nipples. Don't forget Robin's shorts or Batman wearing different colored cowls in the comics, perhaps this was a nod to that.


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